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How To Live A Life Of Fulfilment

The moment I realised that my choices dictate where I am headed rather than my circumstances, the way I viewed my life changed dramatically! When I accepted responsibility for my actions and stopped allowing circumstances to be my dictator, I then became free to step into my passion and my calling, which has given birth to new possibilities and amazing opportunities!

I believe that we are designed to live in a headspace of empowerment, to live a life pursuing our passions, those things which inspire us and make us feel really alive! Allow me to suggest to you that the very people whom you and I look up to in life, the ones who inspire us, are only separated from those around them by their passion. The fact that they are fired up enough about their cause not to “settle” in the safe and comfortable areas which so many of us live in… instead they pursue that which inspires them!

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Take Your Own Path in Life

Where is Your Passion?

Something which I have found difficult to identify specifically is, what exactly is my passion? (You may relate) It is easy to list some things/causes which we are passionate about, but narrowing the focus down to something which really keeps us excited and motivated in the long term (years), takes more than just a quick thought.

In search of fulfilment, I believe that we need to be able to categorically explain that which inspires us, and give detailed processes about how we are going to pursue that life. Taking these steps can give us clarity about where our fulfilling place in life sits!

Pursuing a Life You Love

When we do take the time to pursue the things which make us really feel alive, we are able to grow and breathe life in to people around us. Living in the moment is so important, and when you know what truly inspires you and live a life which is true to that, you have a greater appreciation/grasp of the significance of each moment! When we do what we love there is no need to be intentional about living in the moment, because that simply becomes a by product!

There are several people and one organisation which greatly helped organise my focus and ignited inspiration within me… Stuart is a guy with a genuine and disarming manner which guides and empowers you to find your passion… what you really want. He is a powerhouse in delivering information in such a way that encourages deep thinking and realisations which inspire you to take action which changes your life! More on him later.

What I hope to awaken within you as you read this, is the realisation that everything that has happened up to this point has equipped you to be an amazing leader within your sphere of influence and passion! And knowing that, you can now live in that headspace in which you will seek to take in information and inspiration which will empower others to see and seek their calling!

The ideal path to create for our life is one where we know what our passion is and continue to work on ways to pursue it… and as we forge this path which we love, we weave a career! We DON’T decide what we want to do for work and then place our entire focus on pursuing that! The optimum path, is directly opposite to the way most of us have been programmed to live.

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Be Specific About What You Want!

What You Want/Need

To discover what you really want, and I’ll take it one step deeper and say what you really need in your life, is a significant challenge! A great starting point is by learning to put aside your “shoulds”. Career Coach Sara Young Wang puts it this way in Forbes Magazine, “We fill our minds every day with “shoulds” from the external world; voices expressing others’ ideas, opinions, expectations”… “What are all the things you tell yourself you “should” do, achieve, be? In addition to “I should,” they can also begin as “I need to,” or “I have to,” or sometimes, “I can’t”.”*

“If we can identify what those “shoulds” are for each of us and then let go of them, we can create the space for our true desires to come to the surface.”


In other words by clearing out the “shoulds” we leave space for truth… That which empowers us and leads us to the life which fulfils us. Who doesn’t want to live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment?!

Despite what many voices say, I believe fulfilment does NOT come through being selfish and focusing all our energy on what we want! Self reflection and self discovery are vital, however self is never to be the continued focus if we desire to live our most purpose filled lives! Serving others is the heart of what makes a fulfilling life! Doing things which are at the centre of what we love and do best, to empower and serve others is the way to be fulfilled!

I believe that if our lives are not satisfying, it is because we are not operating in our optimum state. And your optimum state is doing what you are passionate about in a manner which serves others! It is in giving that we are fulfilled. I touched on this very concept in an earlier Blog Post (Live to Serve – Serve to Live).

I mentioned earlier about Stuart, and how he has and continues to be a source of inspiration and guidance for me! Here is a link to a free series of on demand webinars which can inspire and open your mind to powerful possibilities, and guide you along the path of starting or improving your own business online!


I spent eight years searching for opportunities which enabled me to work with more time flexibility and location freedom. My search was complete when I came across a video series just like the on demand webinars (click on the link) above and the organisation behind it. Both inspiration and practical step by step guidance continues to be given in abundance!

Living an abundant life is very much what I wish for you, and If what I have written is stirring inside you and has perhaps flicked a light on with new possibilities opening up in your mind, watch the video series with that open mind… Maybe you will have found what you have been looking for (even if you perhaps had been unaware until this point in time).

If what I have spoken about is not for you, I wish you all the very best as you walk the path of your life, and may you find what you need when you need it! If you have found your true calling here, I look forward to connecting with you on the path!