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Living a Life of Influence

What is living? Is it making it from one day to the next, grinding your way through a life which  simply consists of existing? Does living life boil down to a series of dark days until you arrive at your dark end?

Or is life a beautiful adventure meant to be embraced? An amazing sequence of days filled with a deep inhalation of the joyous moment you are living in, and a great anticipation about how awesome tomorrow will be?!

Are you right in between, with your view of life shaded by how the day shapes you? Are you an influencer or are you always influenced?!

Influence is powerful and yet very flippant when we think of social media. If someone has a lot of Instagram followers that gives a platform of influence, however if that is the only platform they stand on (popularity) then their time will be short! Even the Kardashians have delved into clothes Boutiques etc, so that being on a reality TV show isn’t their only avenue of influence or $ (Even though it all came about because of TV!).

Being an influencer is a lifestyle, rather than a persona or a role we play at certain times. Being an influencer is more about being comfortable and confident in your skin, rather than being an “expert” in a certain field.

Living a life of influence
Lifestyle of Influence

Being an Influencer is a Lifestyle

Notice how when an event is being promoted, let’s say a marketing guru is taking a one day workshop in your city… The promotions will predominantly begin with how much of an expert in marketing that person is because they have this many MBA’s and they have a Doctorate in Economics etc. You will never hear, see or read a promotion begin with, “He is a wonderful person who cares for those around him, and has embraced his community and will therefore draw you into a powerful connection”! Or, “She is spoken of so highly by her friends because she stands up for the underprivileged”!

It is assumed (and in some cases rightly so) that formal qualifications give a person the right to be an authority on a given topic. However I have met many very qualified people who are very average in the field that they are supposed to be an expert in! Application and execution of their knowledge are the missing pieces in their delivery!

Qualifications Have Nothing to do With Being an Influencer

Embrace your influence
Influence occurs in unexpected places

Being an influencer has nothing to do with how qualified you are or how upstanding you are, it is about how well you connect with people! People will follow someone who is authentic, and people will also follow someone who is charismatic! Many have died following charismatic, insane people!

Influence works for bad and good, so it is our responsibility to choose our path carefully! This comes down to a sequence of seemingly little choices which lead us to a point where we make good or bad big decisions based on those “little” choices we have made. Nobody “falls” in with the wrong crowd on a whim… The mind has gone there long before the body!

YOU are an Influencer

Being yourself is being a person of influence!

So if or when you choose to embrace the fact that you are an influencer whether you choose to be or not, breathe in deeply and walk tall because though you may feel that you are not the “right” person or “worthy” to be seen in that light, it is those very feelings which makes you a humble, powerful, empathetic and highly capable person who is THE worthy and right person to empower others towards their best selves!

If your lifestyle is one which influences those around you, then this opens the door for you to be a person who moulds your life around that concept! Your home, your friendships, your work are all connections through which you are able to empower others.

If you want to pursue this concept further and delve deeper into your power of influence, here is a link from one of my mentors on Affiliate Marketing. He continues to show me so much about being a quality person, having a great mindset and running a digital business. Click below, and see for yourself!


Here’s to your life of positive influence!!!