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Living a Life of Influence

What is living? Is it making it from one day to the next, grinding your way through a life which  simply consists of existing? Does living life boil down to a series of dark days until you arrive at your dark end?

Or is life a beautiful adventure meant to be embraced? An amazing sequence of days filled with a deep inhalation of the joyous moment you are living in, and a great anticipation about how awesome tomorrow will be?!

Are you right in between, with your view of life shaded by how the day shapes you? Are you an influencer or are you always influenced?!

Influence is powerful and yet very flippant when we think of social media. If someone has a lot of Instagram followers that gives a platform of influence, however if that is the only platform they stand on (popularity) then their time will be short! Even the Kardashians have delved into clothes Boutiques etc, so that being on a reality TV show isn’t their only avenue of influence or $ (Even though it all came about because of TV!).

Being an influencer is a lifestyle, rather than a persona or a role we play at certain times. Being an influencer is more about being comfortable and confident in your skin, rather than being an “expert” in a certain field.

Living a life of influence
Lifestyle of Influence

Being an Influencer is a Lifestyle

Notice how when an event is being promoted, let’s say a marketing guru is taking a one day workshop in your city… The promotions will predominantly begin with how much of an expert in marketing that person is because they have this many MBA’s and they have a Doctorate in Economics etc. You will never hear, see or read a promotion begin with, “He is a wonderful person who cares for those around him, and has embraced his community and will therefore draw you into a powerful connection”! Or, “She is spoken of so highly by her friends because she stands up for the underprivileged”!

It is assumed (and in some cases rightly so) that formal qualifications give a person the right to be an authority on a given topic. However I have met many very qualified people who are very average in the field that they are supposed to be an expert in! Application and execution of their knowledge are the missing pieces in their delivery!

Qualifications Have Nothing to do With Being an Influencer

Embrace your influence
Influence occurs in unexpected places

Being an influencer has nothing to do with how qualified you are or how upstanding you are, it is about how well you connect with people! People will follow someone who is authentic, and people will also follow someone who is charismatic! Many have died following charismatic, insane people!

Influence works for bad and good, so it is our responsibility to choose our path carefully! This comes down to a sequence of seemingly little choices which lead us to a point where we make good or bad big decisions based on those “little” choices we have made. Nobody “falls” in with the wrong crowd on a whim… The mind has gone there long before the body!

YOU are an Influencer

Being yourself is being a person of influence!

So if or when you choose to embrace the fact that you are an influencer whether you choose to be or not, breathe in deeply and walk tall because though you may feel that you are not the “right” person or “worthy” to be seen in that light, it is those very feelings which makes you a humble, powerful, empathetic and highly capable person who is THE worthy and right person to empower others towards their best selves!

If your lifestyle is one which influences those around you, then this opens the door for you to be a person who moulds your life around that concept! Your home, your friendships, your work are all connections through which you are able to empower others.

If you want to pursue this concept further and delve deeper into your power of influence, here is a link from one of my mentors on Affiliate Marketing. He continues to show me so much about being a quality person, having a great mindset and running a digital business. Click below, and see for yourself!


Here’s to your life of positive influence!!!

Business Through Purpose

Fear – The Paralysis of Progress

Fear is the enemy of progress. Fear is the thing which stops us from doing that which we are called to do! Fear is the thing that has us focused on our potential failure rather than our potential success.

When we see perceived failure as a learning process as opposed to a total negative experience, it can begin to give us power over fear. Our perception of that which may become is shifted into a frame of positive focus which then allows us to live in a new reality! 

You Can Make a Change

How can you make that seemingly giant shift? It begins with focusing on a change of mindset! Seeing possibilities rather than blockages, seeing new avenues rather than the dead end in front of us. Believing in your value and the gifts YOU have to serve others with! Even when you don’t see a way forward, continue walking in belief that it will appear at the moment you need it… keep walking in faith.

People of Influence

Mother and child making the silhouette of a heart with the sunset in the background.

People have an enormous influence on us, even if we aren’t aware of it! The people whom we surround ourselves with are the key to the mindset shift spoken of previously. I heard a young Pastor share a principle which applies to all (irrespective of the personal differences in beliefs we may have), “Show me your five closest friends and I’ll show you your future”. Those who we let into our inner sanctum are the ones who we allow to be powerful influences on our lives!

How often have you heard or perhaps even used the saying, she got in with the wrong crowd, or he is in with a bad group of friends? These statements are so true, however we usually use them to absolve the person we are referring to, of responsibility, or of the prime blame for their behaviour! 

Everyone has a choice about whom they spend time with and allow to be an influence in their life! Loyalty is often misspent…I’m not suggesting that we all have to cut everyone off and never speak to them again; just be aware of those who you give power over your decisions. If a thought begins with, “What will Jill think of me if I do this?” Or, “Will Lee be ok with it if I go down that path?” – Perhaps you need to consider that those friends have too much of a hold on you… I have certainly been there!

I believe that in the vast majority of cases the people who will criticise you for making a decision and stepping forward into a new reality which is a positive one, are not the people any of us want to be surrounded by. If this makes up the majority of your inner sanctum, there is no surprise you will be struggling to move in a new and positive direction! And if this is blood relatives, it can be even more difficult to remove yourself from the gravity around you!

The people who criticise you are those who, were they to allow themselves to burrow into the deepest recesses of their mind for the truth of why they are critical, would be forced to admit that it comes from a place of jealousy!

When someone is moving forward with their life in a world which embraces competition into all aspects of life, people who are held in their comfort zone by fear will choose to be critical of those who reach for the stars (whatever that reality is for you). BECAUSE if you achieve they will look bad. Looking down the lens through which they see the world, you will be a winner which makes them a loser! They would rather you both be losers than for you to “get ahead”.

A Difficult Worthwhile Path

A woman enjoying her hike in beautiful and difficult terrain.

If the most powerful influencers in your life are blood relatives, it is extremely difficult to “rise above” when your family is pulling you down! Here are five steps to moving onward and upward:

1. Recognition – We must recognise an issue before we can do anything about it. 2. Decision – We must have conviction in our minds of our desire to change a condition.
3. Action – Then we must move with a plan, even if it’s a very basic one.
4. Follow through – The reason most plans fail is because we give up…if it is important enough to us we will continue to find a way.
5. Live in our new reality – Accept our new reality as “the way life is now”, embrace it and move forward in this change.

If there is a desire within you to live differently, and you have the right people around you then your new direction has potential to move you beyond your dreams! The wrong people will shut it down.

I have discovered that whatever you focus on will become your direction, if you are fuelled by negative minded people the effect will bring your focus down…and if those around you are inspired and in turn inspire you, your focus will be higher on positive and uplifting things. Easy concept to grasp cognitively, however can be extremely difficult to live out!

Something I have learned from a digital academy I have become a part of (An organisation which is dedicated to guide you on the path to your chosen online based business or career) is that anything which you aspire to begins in the mind and extends from there. I know that sounds very obvious, however I have realised that I never previously spent enough time on the mental aspect! Having your mindset right is everything!

The mental shift, is a constant reframe which we need to give our attention towards. There is no switch which once flicked gives us the correct focus forever! We need to stay attuned to signs of “falling back” into our old ways. This is another reason why having the right people around us is vital to living in a new reality!

There is nothing stopping you from shifting into your new reality…nothing! It is entirely up to you which way you will move. So where are you headed? Make a choice, and go!!! I would love to connect with you and encourage you along your path!

If you are ready to jump in and begin your new path right now, blow is the key. Included is amazing step by step training and an amazing global support community!


Do whatever is needed to live a live which moves beyond fear…

Business Through Purpose

Work From Anywhere Dad

Many Father’s whom I have taken the opportunity to chat with have all without exception stated the same thing, that they would love to have more time to spend with family! And like myself, perhaps saw the possibility of making a career shift which would give them the opportunity of more time freedom and flexibility, as merely a pipe dream…something which lives in fantasy land…That is no longer my mindset and becoming reality!

Dad walking with his daughter

The Mind

The power of being entrenched in a historical perspective is all but J overwhelming for most of us! What our parents taught us verbally, and what we take in from what we see has an immense hold over how we perceive the world!

I know that my perspective on money and wealth was painted with an evil overtone through what my parents said, and how they related to money. Whether that was more perception than their true heart on the matter is irrelevant, that is how I received the message and there certainly was enough of a push towards that mindset for me to consume it! Clearly we weren’t well off financially!

Let me just say right now that I am not paying out on my parents, they loved us very much and conveyed that often through less material means – affirming words, time with us, affection…Their perception on finances was handed to them from their parents, which would have been handed from their parents, and so the cycle goes!

The mindset we have is almost absorbed from our environment! We are generally unaware of many perceptions or beliefs that we hold, unless they are challenged or we happen to be in a situation where the topic comes up and brings it to our focus.

So what would the possibilities be if we moved towards a perspective whereby we learned from the past and accepted our bright future as reality before it happened? A mental shift, a change of glasses through which we perceive the world?

I know that my future is bright and that good things will come my way…I don’t necessarily have a timeline on it though. Now this does not mean that difficult times will not come, it does however mean that my viewing position and stance has changed! For me this is about choosing to perceive the world through the eyes of my faith!

We each need to find our way home, so to speak…how you live is your choice. Nothing that happens to you can dictate how you perceive your reality, that is up to you! Will you choose to be defined by circumstances or will you choose to rise above?!

Mindset Focus

Relevant Focus

As has been mentioned in earlier posts, where you are looking is where you will end up. Your focus dictates your outcomes. If I look at a possible opportunity and say that it can’t be done or that only a “lucky few” can succeed; because I have imprinted those beliefs within myself, I have in effect prophesied over my future!

Our greatest limitations are those we impose on ourselves! Saying something is not possible without any attempt at trying is true failure…trying and failing is not failure, it is educating! There are some things which we can learn from the experience of others, while there are other situations which we need to go through to know for ourselves!

Albert Einstein stated, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.” Ideally we are able to reevaluate and refocus when something we attempt does not go as we had hoped!

The brain

Making The Shift
The same goes for changing the way you and I approach opportunity, which in essence is risk. While we do need to be diligent and be smart about changing direction with our focus in life and career, we still need to jump. Billy Joel stated in a TV interview that a true artist does not have a “back up” plan. A true artist sees life through the eyes of their passion…for them there is no other option but to be true to their calling!

That is the certainty with which you and I need to approach our focus, our goals, following our heart! The fact that you are reading this is evidence of the fact that there is something stirring within you to not just make some changes but to shift the direction of where you are going! Something just does not sit right deep within, and you sense that there has to be more to life than being a 9-5 machine!

There is a saying in basketball, “You won’t make any shots that you don’t take”. We have to take action to achieve results! Inaction therefore is an action, a choice not to place ourselves in a vulnerable place of uncertainty. To achieve a reward, you need to risk losing.

I am blessed to have joined an amazing community called the Digital Experts Academy! I began my time of learning and refocusing with them being guided by their sister company, Six Figure Mentors, and I cannot speak highly enough about the leaders and the other members! The support and positive encouragement is outstanding!

To give you a little snapshot of how I began with them, as has been written in previous posts, there had to be more than 9-5 with long commutes…a type of “prison” if you will.

After many years of looking into online opportunities, I found the SFM/DEA and was most inspired by their approach – straight up it’s not a get rich quick scheme, it is an approach which encourages, guides and inspires you to work on your mind and open yourself up to new possibilities and realities which can be achieved, then gives you the training, tools and mentorship to make it a reality, to become a digital marketer!

If you don’t come from a marketing background and aren’t too technically savvy, that is fine as there are so many approaches and trainings which allow you to learn and move into something which you are passionate about!

I have been encouraged and supported to adopt and own a new state of mind, which has and continues to be invaluable! Here is a link to check it out for yourself: https://thesixfigurementors.com/bc/you-are-in?id=ando74
If it’s not for you that’s great, as you have to be sure in your own mind and I am not the least bit interested in the “hard sell”! If it is for you, great…welcome to the crew!

If you find yourself resonating with what you are reading, subscribe to my group! I will endeavour to keep you “up” and inspired, and give you some relevant and great offers along the way, without bombarding you! I would love to have an opportunity to serve you and perhaps draw some inspiration from within yourself!

Stay inspired!

Business Through Purpose

Your Focus

There really are very few people who finish High School, knowing what they want to do for their career. We make a choice because we have to, but very seldom is it made with passion and certainty! Actually, I will take it further than just High School choices; I believe that many of us go through our lives following a pathway out of obligation or a sense of being locked in, often because of those High School and University choices!

It’s Time to Change!!!

I have begun to realise that the way life is does not have to remain “as it has always been”, or that I have to keep doing something otherwise the sky will fall…I want to do something because I love doing it…we are called to live a life following that which inspires, not that which grinds us into a life of essentially becoming a machine!

Many years ago I worked as a furniture builder/cabinet maker, and I had the good fortune to be building furniture, as opposed to working a machine…there were several people there who had worked many years on the same machine doing the same job, and the truth is they had started to look like the machine they were using! When you looked into their eyes, the light had gone…they almost looked soulless!

Good people doing what they believe they must just to get by, and you know there is honour in that commitment…there is much more to life though!!!

Step Out And Step Up

When we do something which tears us down or at the very least holds us back, I believe that we are capable, even called to make the shift in focus which will create the realigning of our lives into a direction which will inspire, empower and enable us to be a more true version of ourselves, “the real you”, if you will!

Often I encounter clients or acquaintances who tell me they don’t have time to exercise due to their family commitments and work etc. I believe that if you don’t look after your health, there is a likelihood that you won’t be around for your family! You will make time for that which really matters to you, and the same goes for that which you focus on.

Potential can be a dirty word, if we don’t realise ours! With focus can come something more than reaching our potential…you see the word itself puts a limitation on that which, or the person whom it is referring to! If we align our focus with our passion and strengths, and do not the cap the end results, we will go far beyond that which we would have set as our end goal!!!

Set Goals

Now just let me say here that I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t set goals, as that is a most important exercise in moving forward and achieving results…I am however saying that we shouldn’t put a limit on the end results!

The difference between those who achieve big things and live big lives and those who don’t, is focus and intent…it’s not freakish ability or absurd skills. If we look at for example financial wealth, the child of a wealthy family definitely has the advantage of being financially backed to start or continue a business venture, but anyone without the right focus or intent and skill which comes from being in the right head space, can bankrupt enormously successful businesses within a very short time!

Wealth does not guarantee continued wealth and success, however being shown the right skills and things to focus on…seeing how that looks through the example of their parents lives, gives the greatest advantage as opposed to being backed by cash, as nice as that idea sounds!

You have probably heard about people who started with $859:00 in their bank account who are now billionaires. They were focused and intentional, and determined…they did not accept the demise of their goals, even when it looked like all was lost!!!

Failure is final…when our plans crash and burn and we give up on the goal, then walk away. Very often, if we are a little more stubborn about sticking with our goals, and see failure more in the light of a lesson to learn rather than a purely negative occurrence, we are far more likely to have success in a long term sense!

Robert Kanaat talking about achieving goals states, “There are no huge secrets to success in life. Succeeding with your goals takes the simple application of consistent action, adjusting your approach when necessary, and not giving up.” <https://www.wanderlustworker.com/how-to-achieve-your-goals/>

There is two major keys in the above quote – 1. The goal itself must be important enough to inspire us to be consistent…putting in the intent, focus and work day after day! 2. Don’t give up! If the reason why you are striving towards your goal is powerful enough, this will keep you inspired on the bad days.

Digital Life

Deciding to pursue the “digital lifestyle” was a decision that I made, because I wanted to spend more time with my wife and daughter, and wanted to have more time and location freedom. I also wanted to do something through which I could serve others in a meaningful way, while earning money.

My career path has been Sports/Remedial Massage which is definitely a way to serve people, however it requires long commutes and is a way of exchanging time for money, as are most career paths. I want some more leverage in my future and see SFM/DEA as a way to achieve that.

Click here –



-to find out more about one of the great communities you will find! The members are so positive, amazing and inspiring, and so willing to offer help!!

Zone in on why you desire to change or refocus, and once you discover your true “why”, this will give you the impetus to take action…it certainly did for me!!

So go and be an amazing and passionate person with the goal of empowering and serving others and you will experience the fire and drive and joy of a person living their calling!!! With the limits off, you can achieve what at this time would seem impossible!!!