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5 Steps to Empower a Mindset of Change

The way we view the world is either the limiting or empowering factor in our lives. When we decide to believe the little voices in our heads which tell us that we are not good enough, or that we don’t deserve better than the way our life is, we live out a self fulfilling prophecy.

How then can we turn that around? Some may refer to the principle based on the story of the scorpion and the frog. Which leads to the conclusion that some of us are scorpions and can never change, and some of us are frogs and can never change or improve.

I believe that with the right focus and empowerment, we can shift the way we live out our lives. It is definitely not easy… if it was everyone would do it! However it can be done. I have seen it in the lives of people around me, and I have seen it in myself!

Where to Begin?

Knowing where to start is one of the challenges to this process. If we know where to start then the flow of change can begin. Knowing where to start is vitally important, however it is only one of the keys rather than the golden key, there is so much more required!

Step 1. Know your reason for wanting change.

It is very easy to be excited about the romance of what your life will be like when you are in a better  headspace and place in your life. The challenge comes with the consistent approach and work ethic which is required to realise these goals which are born out of the dreams you have for your future! Which makes the reason why you want to change of VITAL importance to the chances of success! When you have a powerful motivator, which is usually a person (or several people) whom you will help by the change of lifestyle, then your chances to succeed improve greatly!

Step 2. Seek the guidance you need to help with the process.

When you know why you want to change then you will need the guidance to take the next step of implementing the plans which will initiate the change. If it’s around a different career path which will give you more time freedom, then you connect with people on the path you are choosing to walk. If you are looking for relationship guidance, then connecting with people who are renowned in that area is your focus. Being humble enough to recognise that you need help, is an important key to the overall success you seek!

Step 3. Put together a plan.

Now if you are like me and see plans as a prison which hold you back from being spontaneous, this is a challenge! However, by making plans and having defined small steps laid out which help you be active in implementing daily, achieving the greater goal becomes less daunting and more realistic! And if you do like to be spontaneous then you will be ready to tweak and make changes to your plans when and where necessary.


Step 4. Be consistent.

Perhaps the hardest step for many of us (Fingers pointing at me)! To make a change which will last, you must be consistent with implementing the plans… Essentially they become a habit. Perhaps daily phone reminders or printed prompts around the house especially reminding you of WHY you are embarking on this mission could be beneficial. It truly is a case by case approach, you need to discover what works for you… What works for me may well not work for you and vice-versa.

It really is vital that you focus on this step until you get it right, right for you! Make a commitment to wade through the highs and lows of motivation to get to your place of consistent long term action.

5. Celebrate The Victories

Something which is really easy to do is to get so caught up in the process of change, in the planning and execution of plans, that we can completely bypass this step. In fact we can not even consider this when we are so focused on the “plan”. However it is so important to recognise and celebrate the victories we have, no matter how small!

If we consider our plans are unsuccessful until we have achieved a major long term goal there is a high chance that we will give up before achieving it! Whereas if we take the time to celebrate the “small” victories along the way, we are able to see that our plans and goals are coming to fruition which gives confidence to take the next step and continue the process. Success is a powerful motivator, even so called small successes!

The Consistent Cycle

There is five steps you can use to empower a mindset of change. I think of these steps as a cycle, you just keep revolving through the steps to continue the process.
Know your reason for change.
Continue to seek guidance from trusted sources.
Continue to plan.
Be consistent in execution.

And continue to revolve through these, and you may just find that you end up where you are called to be!

A hand holding a light bulb... Inspiration

My Inspiration

The reason why I am writing this and sharing my heart with you is because of one organisation which has empowered me to grasp and embrace the above concepts. It would be remiss of me not to introduce you to this organisation which continues to be a great community which inspires and empowers me! I have been encouraged and empowered to reach higher and strive further all the while enjoying the process!

The organisation is called Six Figure Mentors and as I discovered, they are about far more than just teaching you about earning. In fact I have learned so much about mindset and understanding myself and why I do what I do, and how to execute a new way of living. This post flows from what I have gleaned from the mentoring from this amazing organisation which continues to inspire me to endeavour to inspire you to be your best!

Click below to sign up for a free webinar run by one of my mentors Stuart, who inspired me to take action and become a person who connects people like you, to their passion!


My hope for you is that you will be inspired to be the best version of you and serve those around you.

Business Through Purpose

5 Tips to Inspire You in Being Your Best

Talking with a client of mine recently, she shared a principle which I believe fits every life, every set of circumstances and each individual – “You need to learn to adapt what you do to align with your uniqueness, and find approaches which fire your specific strengths to bring out your best”!

1 – Shine!

Now my client was in this instance referring to exercises which your particular body type, anatomy and genetic make up respond best to; but this can also help each one of us in the various spheres of our life in pursuing those things which can make the best of ourselves to shine!

What are your strengths? What are the talents and gifts in your life which others are quick to recognise and point out? And potentially in addition to this are areas of gifting which are known within your mind and perhaps not so publicly recognised.

2 – Tune In

So how are you are able to tune into the approaches and techniques which can help lead you to your “zone”? Something I have observed in others and experienced myself is that by purely being open to trying and experiencing new things, opens the door to discovering your most suited space to live in…the best of you revealed…

Do you have a part of yourself which has never really seen the light of day so to speak, an ability which you have some confidence in but you haven’t really tried it out too much or are afraid of trying it out?

Public speaking is one such ability which is a major fear for some, in fact I know of people who will not seek advancement in their chosen career due their fear of public speaking and the fact that a promotion would require them to face their fear. Yet I have frequently observed such people who fear the stage, being outstandingly gifted at presenting and speaking; when they allow themselves to give it a try!

Diving In

3 – Leave Comfortable Behind

The best of yourself isn’t always comfortable and often doesn’t come easily, and yet through time and persistence becomes a driving inspiration for you! This is such a powerful truth which can release your mind to remove the barriers which have been conditioned into you through various influences, from upbringing to friends and family etc!

Once you realise that fear is not a reason to avoid something which could release a potential you didn’t even know about, the restraints of the mind are blown off and you are facing a whole new world of possibilities!

I cannot stress enough how big this thought process is! Once our mind is opened to embrace new and untried things, despite the potential of falling on our face, we can begin to live! The mind is an intricate force, and needs to be exercised, stretched and empowered! Like our muscles it grows when put under the right loading!

From the book, 12 Rules For Life – An Antidote For Chaos, Jordan B Peterson states, “Treat yourself as if you were someone you were responsible for helping.” So how would you encourage a friend to step out and embrace new opportunities outside of their comfort zone? Do for yourself what you do for your friends! Take the leap to find the new ground you cannot even see yet.

4 – Aim to be Inspiring

Settling in life is not a healthy position to take in most cases. Aim to empower others and lift them up to be the best version of themselves…encourage growth and development in those around you. It doesn’t mean we all need someone on our back to ride us until we give in and step out…rather we need someone speaking positive encouragement into our lives, allowing us to be safe in the vulnerable state of walking on unfamiliar ground, testing out how it feels and how we might fit.

Inspiration is at the heart of being the best version of ourselves. When you are inspired you are zoned in and hyper focused on what has inspired you, and desire to share that with others! And in essence this encapsulates what leadership is about – inspiring others. To inspire and lead you must be inspired!

Broken Heart

5 – From Your Hurt Comes Your Heart of Healing

It is amazing how often the hardest times in our lives give us the very experiences which are the most powerful tools to impact those around us – out of our misery comes our mission!

The very thing which when you are in the middle of living through it, cannot wait for it to be over; is the thing which often can be the place where the best of you is borne. If you allow love to overpower the bitterness and hurt, your best shines and shines and shines…and this helps others to heal and be their best!

The most inspiring people are those who have gone through hell and yet treat others as though they have visited Heaven! And just as there is a choice as to how we react to what life throws at us, that which in many cases we don’t have a choice in, there is perhaps greater opportunity to embrace the space out of our comfort zone when we do have a choice – the way we live our lives!