Light Bulb On

The question that every toddler and young child asks, “why?” And it is the same question that many of us continue to ask throughout our lives. Why do we do what we do? Why do we accept that things are the way they are and we can’t change it? Why are we here? Why do I not change my path, or even forge a new one?

Contemplating these questions over the last eight years in regards to what I do for work and how it constrains my flexibility, and how I hate the “time prison” my career sits in…I have been looking for a way out, a way forward into pathway with a genuine flexibility along with being inspiring and able to serve others!

Many schemes and so called get rich business opportunities have passed before my eyes. I even invested in two of them, one not so reputable and one more so but not a great fit for me.

I went quiet on the idea of an online opportunity for several years…until recently. I watched a video advertisement featuring Stuart Ross of Digital Experts Academy and Six Figure Mentors, and it resonated and continues to resonate deeply within me! It was about a business and life opportunity, and straight out it was stated that if you were looking for a get rich quick scheme to move on now, and that really caught my attention!

If you had asked me seven or eight years ago why I was looking for an online business opportunity, I would have told you that it was for the money and the time flexibility, which are legitimate reasons! Now what I am looking for is to combine passion and purpose into something which I do to serve others.

The reason why for me, starts with the Divine calling on my life to have a positive effect on people…and this begins at home – I hate missing out on so much with my wife and daughter, and it is my focus to find a way to be time flexible which allows me the opportunity to share in the special family moments of life!


The only thing stopping you and I from achieving something special in regards to a passion which turns into what we do, is our mind…if we think we can’t, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. All good things begin with a focused mind and a consistency in applying yourself to the task, and a decision to not give up!

Refuse to accept that where you sense a calling/your purpose/your passion – is not possible! Do not allow yourself to be the one reason you are unable to achieve the space in which you are free to live your life as an expression of inspiration!

Motivational Inscription About Positive Thinking

From “Why?” to, “Why Not?”

As soon as we remove the barriers from our minds and open them up to great possibilities and potential, the prison door is gone, the bars are gone…ultimately there was no prison! Let your imagination fly and dream again.

Why not pursue that thing which looked like an amazing day dream which you thought could never become reality! Do the work, do the research, stay focused, keep reading and learning and being consistent. Allow yourself to be extraordinary and follow your passions into a future that you are excited about!

Daniel Dowling, writer and coach gives a great starting place in his article which appears in Thrive Global and was originally in entrepreneur.com: “People who set themselves to changing the world and making the most of their talents are not different than you — they just cancel ordinary thoughts. Extraordinary living starts with a simple shift in mindset.” https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/28660-how-ordinary-people-become-extraordinary – Focus on the extraordinary to leave the ordinary behind!

Make a Plan

Look Towards The Place You Want To Be

Plan and continue to plan to focus on higher thoughts! Allow yourself to dream while dismissing that little voice which tells you that you aren’t good enough! Focusing on good things while pursuing great thoughts, allows a shift in direction which if continued becomes a habit, which then becomes a lifestyle. So instead of asking, Why can’t I get out of this hole I’ve fallen into? Instead ask, Why shouldn’t I be extraordinary? You go where you are pointing!

The most beautiful and powerful stories I come across from reading or directly from people I meet, are stories of overcoming adversity! It is never that guy who has inherited a long line of wealthy family members who is telling you what you need to do to be successful who is inspiring…it is always the person who grew up with little and survived tough relationships yet came through all of that and has this amazing, genuine smile on their face and has success. I am not referring to finance in this instance, because that doesn’t create that warm genuine smile, I’m talking about the fact that they have positioned themselves with a positive mindset and this has allowed them to be successful in life despite circumstances!

My Higher Purpose

A big part of the reason I am on this path of sharing blog posts and videos which talk about reframing your mind and giving yourself permission to step past your “safe zone”, is because of how my eyes have been opened to the possibilities for living life…the constraints and barriers of the mind are what limits me, and I’m seeing them removed one by one! If this was easy everyone would follow this path of unleashing their potential! The steps are simple, yet far from easy!

As a person of faith in a Higher Power, I believe that we are put on this earth to live big lives! That means being inspired and empowered to do and be who you are meant to be! Which for many does not necessarily mean a huge change in circumstances, relationships, location or work, it simply means a shift from the negative dark sided focus, to the positive light side…the way you and I view the world changes how we live in it!

Hold Your Form And Don’t Give Up

I recall a PT I used to train with who would stand beside me towards the end of a particularly difficult exercise, and as I was battling to complete that last extension of my arm he would quietly say, “Hold your form, hold your form, and don’t give up, don’t give up.” That was enough for me to complete the exercise well, he kept me focused and instilled enough belief in myself to complete what I had previously had serious doubts about!

A great lesson for all of us in our focus and our delivery of how we live out our lives! When you follow a passion and sense a calling on your life which you know you are meant to pursue, remember in the tough moments which will inevitably come, to hold your form and don’t give up!

Be who you are meant to be, whether that means a huge shift in location, who you surround yourself with, and/or what you do for a career! And it may very well mean in your situation, to just find a space of contentment! And this may include do things which make you happy on a regular basis. (See my Blog entitled, “Your Happy Place” for more tips on this) Please enter your details in the “Inspiration For Your New Life” form or subscribe to receive the inspiring 7 part video series which inspired the shift of focus in my life! Be blessed, and be a blessing!


5 Tips to Inspire You in Being Your Best

Shining Brightly

Talking with a client of mine recently, she shared a principle which I believe fits every life, every set of circumstances and each individual – “You need to learn to adapt what you do to align with your uniqueness, and find approaches which fire your specific strengths to bring out your best”!

1 – Shine!

Now my client was in this instance referring to exercises which your particular body type, anatomy and genetic make up respond best to; but this can also help each one of us in the various spheres of our life in pursuing those things which can make the best of ourselves to shine!

What are your strengths? What are the talents and gifts in your life which others are quick to recognise and point out? And potentially in addition to this are areas of gifting which are known within your mind and perhaps not so publicly recognised.

2 – Tune In

So how are you are able to tune into the approaches and techniques which can help lead you to your “zone”? Something I have observed in others and experienced myself is that by purely being open to trying and experiencing new things, opens the door to discovering your most suited space to live in…the best of you revealed…

Do you have a part of yourself which has never really seen the light of day so to speak, an ability which you have some confidence in but you haven’t really tried it out too much or are afraid of trying it out?

Public speaking is one such ability which is a major fear for some, in fact I know of people who will not seek advancement in their chosen career due their fear of public speaking and the fact that a promotion would require them to face their fear. Yet I have frequently observed such people who fear the stage, being outstandingly gifted at presenting and speaking; when they allow themselves to give it a try!

Diving In

3 – Leave Comfortable Behind

The best of yourself isn’t always comfortable and often doesn’t come easily, and yet through time and persistence becomes a driving inspiration for you! This is such a powerful truth which can release your mind to remove the barriers which have been conditioned into you through various influences, from upbringing to friends and family etc!

Once you realise that fear is not a reason to avoid something which could release a potential you didn’t even know about, the restraints of the mind are blown off and you are facing a whole new world of possibilities!

I cannot stress enough how big this thought process is! Once our mind is opened to embrace new and untried things, despite the potential of falling on our face, we can begin to live! The mind is an intricate force, and needs to be exercised, stretched and empowered! Like our muscles it grows when put under the right loading!

From the book, 12 Rules For Life – An Antidote For Chaos, Jordan B Peterson states, “Treat yourself as if you were someone you were responsible for helping.” So how would you encourage a friend to step out and embrace new opportunities outside of their comfort zone? Do for yourself what you do for your friends! Take the leap to find the new ground you cannot even see yet.

4 – Aim to be Inspiring

Settling in life is not a healthy position to take in most cases. Aim to empower others and lift them up to be the best version of themselves…encourage growth and development in those around you. It doesn’t mean we all need someone on our back to ride us until we give in and step out…rather we need someone speaking positive encouragement into our lives, allowing us to be safe in the vulnerable state of walking on unfamiliar ground, testing out how it feels and how we might fit.

Inspiration is at the heart of being the best version of ourselves. When you are inspired you are zoned in and hyper focused on what has inspired you, and desire to share that with others! And in essence this encapsulates what leadership is about – inspiring others. To inspire and lead you must be inspired!

Broken Heart

5 – From Your Hurt Comes Your Heart of Healing

It is amazing how often the hardest times in our lives give us the very experiences which are the most powerful tools to impact those around us – out of our misery comes our mission!

The very thing which when you are in the middle of living through it, cannot wait for it to be over; is the thing which often can be the place where the best of you is borne. If you allow love to overpower the bitterness and hurt, your best shines and shines and shines…and this helps others to heal and be their best!

The most inspiring people are those who have gone through hell and yet treat others as though they have visited Heaven! And just as there is a choice as to how we react to what life throws at us, that which in many cases we don’t have a choice in, there is perhaps greater opportunity to embrace the space out of our comfort zone when we do have a choice – the way we live our lives!

Your Happy Place

A happy place

Do you have a special place that you like to go to escape the at times mundane existence which is what life can become? Or perhaps it is an activity such as a sport or maybe the gym…that place you go to do something, often quite physical, which helps you unwind mentally – to decompress from the pressures which build up through the path of your life…What if I told you that there is a way to spend more time in this happy place?


The most inspiring people that I have been noticing more recently, are those who have found or made the time to include the things in life which are enjoyable, and make them happy! They make a conscious decision to focus on what is important to them, and then pursue it with unrelenting purpose until it becomes their reality.

The foundation of living in a head space of unrelenting purpose is essentially consistency, as opposed to some epic, intense, high pressure, brutal aggressive charge towards your passion! Keep doing what you need to do to get to where you want to be; where you are called to be.

Intense focus

Live – Passion Focused

Life is very often not easy, so let us choose to follow passions and do activities we love, and make a living in the process. I believe this concept is resonating with you, but there is a little voice which right now is likely saying that I am not dealing in realities. My response is, who told you that? Why do you accept that things most likely won’t change?

In an earlier post of mine, (Purposeful Living) I shared a quote from Germany Kent which states, “You become what you digest into your spirit. Whatever you think about, focus on, read about, talk about, you’re going to attract more of into your life. Make sure they’re all positive.” What a powerful concept which I am convinced through both study and experience, is reality!

So essentially you and I end up where we are looking, and if you have ever been white water rafting and had the responsibility of guiding the raft, you know that if you focus on the boulder which you do not want to hit, that is exactly what you DO hit! To change, you need to focus on where you want to go and then take the steps which appear, to get you there.

Where You Live

Your “happy place” should be more a case of where you live, not just a special treat you get to enjoy once every few weeks or months! What is it that you need to change to get you to where you want to be? If the desire is real and strong enough and you are willing to work, you will find that the things which you previously thought were insurmountable or too hard to change, begin to look smaller and more manageable…you begin to make progress.

Positive change no matter how small, is an incredible motivator! It instils belief that the steps which you are taking can make the desired difference in your life! Even though the process may be at times difficult and challenging if you see results it worthwhile, right?!Open your mind

In Your Head

Jamelle Sanders talking about the mind states, “Reaching your greatest potential is contingent upon rigorous psychological development”. Therefore spending time developing mindset is the biggest key to begin living in your happy place. Focus where you want to be, read, find mentors and take action steps to get you there. And repeat the cycle.

Your happy place is a state of mind, but it helps massively to be in a position in life to be time flexible enough to go to your physical happy place. You are the only person who can make the changes necessary to make that happen.

Over to You

Step up, take responsibility and pursue a life of substance! Why exist when you can thrive? Why settle when you can excel? Instead of going through the motions, be excited about where you are and where your next step will take you!


Healthy Mind – Healthy Body

Your emotions are directly related to your physical wellbeing! What?! There is a direct link between how you feel emotionally and how well you are physically! It is very easy to accept the connection between emotional and mental health, but physical too!? No, I’m not on something or going nuts…It has been shown that there is a direct link from your emotional health to your physical health!!

Candace Pert author of, Molecules of Emotion, is a guru on this topic, and has presented and written prolifically, sharing her findings as well as other’s! She made it her mission to discover an opiate receptor in the cells of the body, which would open up a whole new world linking, emotions and physical health! (This was mentioned in my last Blog Post, The Best of You)

Be Strong

Exercise is Awesome!

Having worked in the Wellbeing and Fitness industry for over ten years, I am well aware, as are many people most likely including you, of the importance for balance in life. If you work at a desk, it’s important to move and exercise very regularly. The more time spent sitting, the more vital exercise becomes!

Something which sounds strange, however is actually true is the fact that it actually takes a considerable amount of strength through your spinal erectors (spinal support muscles) and Interscapula muscles (in between the shoulder blades) to keep you in good posture through a whole day at a desk job! If you are someone who trains with weights the general ratio of back vs chest is two to one. In other words two back exercises for every chest exercise (Contact me for more information about exercises and stretches which can help with posture).

Why I am spending time looking at posture and exercise is because there is a much deeper reason for all of us to devote time to this than just good cardiovascular fitness, strength and posture (Which are all good reasons). It has been shown that exercise releases endorphins, the feel good chemical! So regular exercise, regularly releases the feel good chemical! It kind of takes the “I don’t have time for regular exercise” excuse out of the equation for all of us!

The better we feel emotionally, the better we’ll feel and function…and we will be more efficient, make better decisions because our head is clearer. Ultimately, we don’t have time NOT to exercise!

Now that we have evidence before us of something which has long been suspected by many, is actually the case (Healthy bodies are interconnected with feeling good – healthy emotions), we have a no brainer reason to get serious about exercise for all of the benefits it brings! When we are healthier in the way we feel, in our physical fitness, mentally and spiritually; we are at our best!

All About The Attitude

Doctor Barbara Fredrickson a Scientist who has also documented her extensive research on the important connection between our emotional health and our physical wellbeing. She states…”the physical and emotional benefits of positivity, including faster recovery from cardiovascular stress, better sleep, fewer colds, and a greater sense of overall happiness.

The good news is not only that positive attitudes—such as playfulness, gratitude, awe, love, interest, serenity, and feeling connected to others—have a direct impact on health and wellbeing, but that we can develop them ourselves with practice.” Here’s a link to the full article – https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/how-do-thoughts-and-emotions-affect-health

A positive attitude is not something you are necessarily born with, it can however be developed and trained! I believe having a balanced and healthy lifestyle where you are caring for your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health places you in a prime position to live in this empowered, positive head space! What an amazing way to live, to see through positive eyes…for your first reaction to people you interact with, and the circumstances which you find yourself in to generally be a positive one!

Own Responsibility

An important thing to consider at this time is the importance of taking responsibility for where you are in life, and where you want to be. If the two are a long way apart, it’s vital to take action instead of making excuses…If you are currently someone who struggles to squeeze exercise into your schedule, own the responsibility and make it happen, it’s ultimately for your greater good and the good of those you love!

Relaxation And Rejuvenation

Where is Your go to place?

Exercise is a very important element in your life, however there is clearly more to emotional health than just exercising the body, as Dr Barbara mentioned above that attitude, playfulness and the list goes on with the elements which contribute to emotional health. So pursue the best version of you!

If you have a go to place which helps you unwind and rejuvenate, go “there” regularly. It may be a room in the house, the shed, a favourite vacation or a camping site…anywhere we can relax, unwind and rejuvenate is seriously important! (I will write a Blog on going to your “Happy Place” soon).

So here’s to you – wishing you a healthy body and a healthy mind, and may you spend many an hour in your happy place!!

Finding The Best of You

Who is the very best version of you? This post is intended to help you drill down into this question and pull out some answers, and learn more about who you are, where you’re at and where you would like to be as a person!

Little Brother

Little Brother

In many ways I still think of myself as the “little brother”, no different in a relationship context than when I was a boy. I understand that is not the reality, but in my head I still think of myself that way sometimes, and feel that older siblings think of me as that little boy still…whether they actually do or not is another matter, I’m just considering my perception.

So whether you consider yourself like me as a younger version of yourself (At times concerning when you look in the mirror!) or whether you are the more in charge person in your family, I believe that is important to reflect and consider who you are, in your mind.

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me to assume that you the reader, experience your own moments of self doubt and esteem struggles which brings us to the question: What is the best of you? What is your unique set of skills and experiences which are part of who you are, which make up the essential best of you? And if you don’t know, how can you find them? Let’s explore the possibilities.

The Dangerously Safe Road

I am truly convinced that we are to live our lives with joy and satisfaction; I know we, all go through rough patches, but settling for an easy so called “safe” life is quite frankly, soul destroying! And I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people who are living a safe life…and they hate it, but they don’t know how to step out of it because they have lived that way for so long that it has become comfortable, like an old pair of shoes…which are actually crippling their feet! The truth is, I’ve lived on that road myself.

A grassy pathway

A New Path

So if you are in that rut of a soul destroying familiar life that is largely unfulfilling, the first and most important step is to acknowledge that with the right mindset, and persistence you can carve out fulfilling and inspiring life of service which flows from the best of you!

From what I have learned through observation, self reflection and reading, the best place to begin to pull this apart is to consider that which you are good at, what you are passionate about and what you love! When are the moments when you get lost in what you are doing, who you are with and where you are? When you have this pictured clearly in your mind, this is where the best of you lives!

Candace Pert in her groundbreaking book, Molecules of Emotion, states: “Recent technological innovations have allowed us to examine the molecular basis of emotions, and to begin to understand how the molecules of our emotions share intimate connections with, and are indeed inseparable from our physiology. It is the emotions I have come to see, that link mind and body.”
So in essence what Candace is saying is, how we feel emotionally is directly related to physical wellbeing, not just mental health!

Stepping into a life of meaning and being the best version of you has a direct link to your overall health…yet another great reason to forge YOUR path!

Consistently work from anywhere


The best plans are carried out in a team setting. Sit down with your family and talk over in a calm and open way, where you are, and where your heart is. Support is vital for you to set off on an adventure such as a new life path. And you will require persistence and consistency! Mental Toughness Partners wrote a great piece on the career side of a new life: https://www.mentaltoughness.partners/best-you-can-be/ …Here they give step by step guidelines on following your dreams to do something you love for work. My previous Blog, Purposeful Living, also explores this topic.

Be in the Zone

Before you go out and completely change everything about your current life, STOP! Now start with small relatively easily achievable things, work on your mindset and general attitude to life. Read empowering books and listen to podcasts which build you up! Begin to grow into a strong leader!

Anything by John C Maxwell can help you with Leadership and an empowering mindset. “No Limits” and “Developing The Leader Within You 2.0”, are two fantastic options from him! Here is just one thing he has to say in his book, No Limits: “Developing awareness is going to help you recognise the changes that will help you blow the cap off your capacity. My hope is that by the time you finish this book, your capacity will be much greater than you ever imagined and you will be well on your way to living a no limits life”.

Then once you are in the right space mentally to launch into your new life, you will realise that you are well on your way already, BECAUSE you are in the right space mentally! With your head in the game, you are ready to win, so go out and pursue your new dreams, knowing you are following the best path for you!! One of my mentors Stuart Ross, delves deeper into what it takes to live a great life as an entrepreneur…sign up for his free video series above (or below if you are on a phone)!

Purposeful Living – Living a Life Which is Inspiring and Fulfilling

Man making plans

Where are You at?

If you are like me, you have spent a serious amount of time considering whether where you currently are in life is the place you want to be! I’m talking about where your best fit is in the balancing act of work, family, friends and also hobbies or past times.

How many times have you told someone you care about that you don’t have time to spend with them doing something they love because of work? How often do you feel that you are unable to serve people in a way which has meaning to you?

Step One to Change

When we become aware of a problem we can either accept that things are not going to change, or search for ways to find a solution to change our story, our reality. If you want to step into a different space in your life, it begins purely with a decision, but it is carried out with an action!

So if you have opened your mind up to the potential of there being another way for you to live your life, that is a huge step…and through this step, you have begun to facilitate the change!

Then What?

So having decided that there could be more in your life than there currently is, then comes the next step, to figure out what to actually do. The advice given to me, was to sit down and clarify exactly what you want and where and how you can serve others most effectively, not a hazy thought of something which might be OK; articulate on paper exactly where you want to be in your life!

I recommend paper over computer or tablet, as it tends to help open the more creative side in you. Doubts and negativity have no place in the thought process leading you create this list, make it the dream description or list! Once you have that down on paper you have a framework, and you may just begin to see your purpose!

One BIG factor to add to this, is that you need to have absolute clarity as to why you want a change…and I mean a reason which you can put in a short sentence! And the best reasons are generally to do with people…other than yourself.

From Here to There

Having a framework of ideas and dreams now listed, you are at the very least beginning to see your passion and where you believe you should be in your life more clearly. So now comes the little task of making it happen! How do you make your passion into something which both serves others and creates an income?

You can certainly do some internet research and ask friends who may have an entrepreneurial business, and all that is great as it begins to generate ideas! Most of all you need to have that clear picture in your head as to why you want this change (your short sentence BIG reason).

Then you need to have a mindset which is set on making it happen no matter what! And you need to be willing to work, and work on the process to take you “there”.

Dreaming Big

Aligning Your Mind With Your Dream Future

One of the most challenging aspects of changing your life, especially in a dramatic way, is to keep your head space in positive territory! Reading positive books about positive Leadership from experts such as John Maxwell, or listening to podcasts from gurus like Tony Robbins or others who have been where you are, and are now where you want to be! (You may not necessarily want to be as wealthy as Tony Robbins, but his views and approach to mindset is exceptional)

Entrepreneurs are simply people who decide that they no longer want to follow the status quo, and their mind is focused waveringly on leaving the well worn highway of the standard career pathway…not because there is anything wrong with the standard path, it’s just that they/you believe in a different, and for an individual such as yourself, a higher purpose for their/your life!

“You become what you digest into your spirit. Whatever you think about, focus on, read about, talk about, you’re going to attract more of into your life. Make sure they’re all positive.” – Germany Kent. (Yes his name is “Germany”) So ensuring your focus is kept onward and upward is vital to your purpose becoming a reality!

The trail to your new life
Follow Your Path

The Destination

For the Entrepreneur there actually is not a destination point or an end to your trip, as there is always new things to learn and different ways to approach blockages which jump up in front of you. There is not a time which comes when you will say that you have “arrived”. This is purely because life is about the experiences, the moments which you have day after day week after week.

So making change in your life is not about a far off destination which when reached will make you fulfilled; rather it’s about pacing your trip, it’s about being in a position to slow down, and even stop and breathe in the moment as it is happening!

This altered pace of life means you take more in, and give more of yourself to others willingly. Because you have shifted your focus outside of yourself to help and serve others, you see the world in a different light.

Yes you can still see the evil and atrocities committed and it still affects you, perhaps even more in some ways, however due to your contribution you can genuinely see the change in your world – the people you come into contact with whom you have had the privilege to serve and empower!

I truly believe one of the most difficult and potentially stressful realities you can be confronted with, is to see some great injustice which you are seemingly powerless to change! Being in a position to make a positive difference in any way to your community, has an amazing effect on the eyes through which you see the world…

Focused Lense

Make Your Move!

So if you have come to a point now where you are decided within yourself that now is the time to make a big change in your life…feel free to sign up above for what I’ve called “Inspiration For Your New Life”, where it all started for me – a free 7 day video series from one of my incredible Mentors, Stuart Ross! 

And I would love to help you in any way which I can, so for more information and questions regarding this post, connect with me through the Contact page!

Be the change you want to see!