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Living a Life of Influence

What is living? Is it making it from one day to the next, grinding your way through a life which  simply consists of existing? Does living life boil down to a series of dark days until you arrive at your dark end?

Or is life a beautiful adventure meant to be embraced? An amazing sequence of days filled with a deep inhalation of the joyous moment you are living in, and a great anticipation about how awesome tomorrow will be?!

Are you right in between, with your view of life shaded by how the day shapes you? Are you an influencer or are you always influenced?!

Influence is powerful and yet very flippant when we think of social media. If someone has a lot of Instagram followers that gives a platform of influence, however if that is the only platform they stand on (popularity) then their time will be short! Even the Kardashians have delved into clothes Boutiques etc, so that being on a reality TV show isn’t their only avenue of influence or $ (Even though it all came about because of TV!).

Being an influencer is a lifestyle, rather than a persona or a role we play at certain times. Being an influencer is more about being comfortable and confident in your skin, rather than being an “expert” in a certain field.

Living a life of influence
Lifestyle of Influence

Being an Influencer is a Lifestyle

Notice how when an event is being promoted, let’s say a marketing guru is taking a one day workshop in your city… The promotions will predominantly begin with how much of an expert in marketing that person is because they have this many MBA’s and they have a Doctorate in Economics etc. You will never hear, see or read a promotion begin with, “He is a wonderful person who cares for those around him, and has embraced his community and will therefore draw you into a powerful connection”! Or, “She is spoken of so highly by her friends because she stands up for the underprivileged”!

It is assumed (and in some cases rightly so) that formal qualifications give a person the right to be an authority on a given topic. However I have met many very qualified people who are very average in the field that they are supposed to be an expert in! Application and execution of their knowledge are the missing pieces in their delivery!

Qualifications Have Nothing to do With Being an Influencer

Embrace your influence
Influence occurs in unexpected places

Being an influencer has nothing to do with how qualified you are or how upstanding you are, it is about how well you connect with people! People will follow someone who is authentic, and people will also follow someone who is charismatic! Many have died following charismatic, insane people!

Influence works for bad and good, so it is our responsibility to choose our path carefully! This comes down to a sequence of seemingly little choices which lead us to a point where we make good or bad big decisions based on those “little” choices we have made. Nobody “falls” in with the wrong crowd on a whim… The mind has gone there long before the body!

YOU are an Influencer

Being yourself is being a person of influence!

So if or when you choose to embrace the fact that you are an influencer whether you choose to be or not, breathe in deeply and walk tall because though you may feel that you are not the “right” person or “worthy” to be seen in that light, it is those very feelings which makes you a humble, powerful, empathetic and highly capable person who is THE worthy and right person to empower others towards their best selves!

If your lifestyle is one which influences those around you, then this opens the door for you to be a person who moulds your life around that concept! Your home, your friendships, your work are all connections through which you are able to empower others.

If you want to pursue this concept further and delve deeper into your power of influence, here is a link to a series of free on demand webinars from one of my mentors. He continues to show me so much about being a quality person, having a great mindset and running a digital business. Enter your details in the link below, and see for yourself!


Here’s to your life of positive influence!!!

Business Through Purpose

5 Steps to Empower a Mindset of Change

The way we view the world is either the limiting or empowering factor in our lives. When we decide to believe the little voices in our heads which tell us that we are not good enough, or that we don’t deserve better than the way our life is, we live out a self fulfilling prophecy.

How then can we turn that around? Some may refer to the principle based on the story of the scorpion and the frog. Which leads to the conclusion that some of us are scorpions and can never change, and some of us are frogs and can never change or improve.

I believe that with the right focus and empowerment, we can shift the way we live out our lives. It is definitely not easy… if it was everyone would do it! However it can be done. I have seen it in the lives of people around me, and I have seen it in myself!

Where to Begin?

Knowing where to start is one of the challenges to this process. If we know where to start then the flow of change can begin. Knowing where to start is vitally important, however it is only one of the keys rather than the golden key, there is so much more required!

Step 1. Know your reason for wanting change.

It is very easy to be excited about the romance of what your life will be like when you are in a better  headspace and place in your life. The challenge comes with the consistent approach and work ethic which is required to realise these goals which are born out of the dreams you have for your future! Which makes the reason why you want to change of VITAL importance to the chances of success! When you have a powerful motivator, which is usually a person (or several people) whom you will help by the change of lifestyle, then your chances to succeed improve greatly!

Step 2. Seek the guidance you need to help with the process.

When you know why you want to change then you will need the guidance to take the next step of implementing the plans which will initiate the change. If it’s around a different career path which will give you more time freedom, then you connect with people on the path you are choosing to walk. If you are looking for relationship guidance, then connecting with people who are renowned in that area is your focus. Being humble enough to recognise that you need help, is an important key to the overall success you seek!

Step 3. Put together a plan.

Now if you are like me and see plans as a prison which hold you back from being spontaneous, this is a challenge! However, by making plans and having defined small steps laid out which help you be active in implementing daily, achieving the greater goal becomes less daunting and more realistic! And if you do like to be spontaneous then you will be ready to tweak and make changes to your plans when and where necessary.


Step 4. Be consistent.

Perhaps the hardest step for many of us (Fingers pointing at me)! To make a change which will last, you must be consistent with implementing the plans… Essentially they become a habit. Perhaps daily phone reminders or printed prompts around the house especially reminding you of WHY you are embarking on this mission could be beneficial. It truly is a case by case approach, you need to discover what works for you… What works for me may well not work for you and vice-versa.

It really is vital that you focus on this step until you get it right, right for you! Make a commitment to wade through the highs and lows of motivation to get to your place of consistent long term action.

5. Celebrate The Victories

Something which is really easy to do is to get so caught up in the process of change, in the planning and execution of plans, that we can completely bypass this step. In fact we can not even consider this when we are so focused on the “plan”. However it is so important to recognise and celebrate the victories we have, no matter how small!

If we consider our plans are unsuccessful until we have achieved a major long term goal there is a high chance that we will give up before achieving it! Whereas if we take the time to celebrate the “small” victories along the way, we are able to see that our plans and goals are coming to fruition which gives confidence to take the next step and continue the process. Success is a powerful motivator, even so called small successes!

The Consistent Cycle

There is five steps you can use to empower a mindset of change. I think of these steps as a cycle, you just keep revolving through the steps to continue the process.
Know your reason for change.
Continue to seek guidance from trusted sources.
Continue to plan.
Be consistent in execution.

And continue to revolve through these, and you may just find that you end up where you are called to be!

A hand holding a light bulb... Inspiration

My Inspiration

The reason why I am writing this and sharing my heart with you is because of one organisation which has empowered me to grasp and embrace the above concepts. It would be remiss of me not to introduce you to this organisation which continues to be a great community which inspires and empowers me! I have been encouraged and empowered to reach higher and strive further all the while enjoying the process!

The organisation is called Six Figure Mentors and as I discovered, they are about far more than just teaching you about earning. In fact I have learned so much about mindset and understanding myself and why I do what I do, and how to execute a new way of living. This post flows from what I have gleaned from the mentoring from this amazing organisation which continues to inspire me to endeavour to inspire you to be your best!

Click below to sign up for a free webinar run by one of my mentors Stuart, who inspired me to take action and become a person who connects people like you, to their passion!


My hope for you is that you will be inspired to be the best version of you and serve those around you.

Business Through Purpose

How To Live A Life Of Fulfilment

The moment I realised that my choices dictate where I am headed rather than my circumstances, the way I viewed my life changed dramatically! When I accepted responsibility for my actions and stopped allowing circumstances to be my dictator, I then became free to step into my passion and my calling, which has given birth to new possibilities and amazing opportunities!

I believe that we are designed to live in a headspace of empowerment, to live a life pursuing our passions, those things which inspire us and make us feel really alive! Allow me to suggest to you that the very people whom you and I look up to in life, the ones who inspire us, are only separated from those around them by their passion. The fact that they are fired up enough about their cause not to “settle” in the safe and comfortable areas which so many of us live in… instead they pursue that which inspires them!

Path in a forest

Take Your Own Path in Life

Where is Your Passion?

Something which I have found difficult to identify specifically is, what exactly is my passion? (You may relate) It is easy to list some things/causes which we are passionate about, but narrowing the focus down to something which really keeps us excited and motivated in the long term (years), takes more than just a quick thought.

In search of fulfilment, I believe that we need to be able to categorically explain that which inspires us, and give detailed processes about how we are going to pursue that life. Taking these steps can give us clarity about where our fulfilling place in life sits!

Pursuing a Life You Love

When we do take the time to pursue the things which make us really feel alive, we are able to grow and breathe life in to people around us. Living in the moment is so important, and when you know what truly inspires you and live a life which is true to that, you have a greater appreciation/grasp of the significance of each moment! When we do what we love there is no need to be intentional about living in the moment, because that simply becomes a by product!

There are several people and one organisation which greatly helped organise my focus and ignited inspiration within me… Stuart is a guy with a genuine and disarming manner which guides and empowers you to find your passion… what you really want. He is a powerhouse in delivering information in such a way that encourages deep thinking and realisations which inspire you to take action which changes your life! More on him later.

What I hope to awaken within you as you read this, is the realisation that everything that has happened up to this point has equipped you to be an amazing leader within your sphere of influence and passion! And knowing that, you can now live in that headspace in which you will seek to take in information and inspiration which will empower others to see and seek their calling!

The ideal path to create for our life is one where we know what our passion is and continue to work on ways to pursue it… and as we forge this path which we love, we weave a career! We DON’T decide what we want to do for work and then place our entire focus on pursuing that! The optimum path, is directly opposite to the way most of us have been programmed to live.

Business planning

Be Specific About What You Want!

What You Want/Need

To discover what you really want, and I’ll take it one step deeper and say what you really need in your life, is a significant challenge! A great starting point is by learning to put aside your “shoulds”. Career Coach Sara Young Wang puts it this way in Forbes Magazine, “We fill our minds every day with “shoulds” from the external world; voices expressing others’ ideas, opinions, expectations”… “What are all the things you tell yourself you “should” do, achieve, be? In addition to “I should,” they can also begin as “I need to,” or “I have to,” or sometimes, “I can’t”.”*

“If we can identify what those “shoulds” are for each of us and then let go of them, we can create the space for our true desires to come to the surface.”


In other words by clearing out the “shoulds” we leave space for truth… That which empowers us and leads us to the life which fulfils us. Who doesn’t want to live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment?!

Despite what many voices say, I believe fulfilment does NOT come through being selfish and focusing all our energy on what we want! Self reflection and self discovery are vital, however self is never to be the continued focus if we desire to live our most purpose filled lives! Serving others is the heart of what makes a fulfilling life! Doing things which are at the centre of what we love and do best, to empower and serve others is the way to be fulfilled!

I believe that if our lives are not satisfying, it is because we are not operating in our optimum state. And your optimum state is doing what you are passionate about in a manner which serves others! It is in giving that we are fulfilled. I touched on this very concept in an earlier Blog Post (Live to Serve – Serve to Live).

I mentioned earlier about Stuart, and how he has and continues to be a source of inspiration and guidance for me! Here is a link to a free series of on demand webinars which can inspire and open your mind to powerful possibilities, and guide you along the path of starting or improving your own business online!


I spent eight years searching for opportunities which enabled me to work with more time flexibility and location freedom. My search was complete when I came across a video series just like the on demand webinars (click on the link) above and the organisation behind it. Both inspiration and practical step by step guidance continues to be given in abundance!

Living an abundant life is very much what I wish for you, and If what I have written is stirring inside you and has perhaps flicked a light on with new possibilities opening up in your mind, watch the video series with that open mind… Maybe you will have found what you have been looking for (even if you perhaps had been unaware until this point in time).

If what I have spoken about is not for you, I wish you all the very best as you walk the path of your life, and may you find what you need when you need it! If you have found your true calling here, I look forward to connecting with you on the path!

Business Through Purpose

Fear – The Paralysis of Progress

Fear is the enemy of progress. Fear is the thing which stops us from doing that which we are called to do! Fear is the thing that has us focused on our potential failure rather than our potential success.

When we see perceived failure as a learning process as opposed to a total negative experience, it can begin to give us power over fear. Our perception of that which may become is shifted into a frame of positive focus which then allows us to live in a new reality! 

You Can Make a Change

How can you make that seemingly giant shift? It begins with focusing on a change of mindset! Seeing possibilities rather than blockages, seeing new avenues rather than the dead end in front of us. Believing in your value and the gifts YOU have to serve others with! Even when you don’t see a way forward, continue walking in belief that it will appear at the moment you need it… keep walking in faith.

People of Influence

Mother and child making the silhouette of a heart with the sunset in the background.

People have an enormous influence on us, even if we aren’t aware of it! The people whom we surround ourselves with are the key to the mindset shift spoken of previously. I heard a young Pastor share a principle which applies to all (irrespective of the personal differences in beliefs we may have), “Show me your five closest friends and I’ll show you your future”. Those who we let into our inner sanctum are the ones who we allow to be powerful influences on our lives!

How often have you heard or perhaps even used the saying, she got in with the wrong crowd, or he is in with a bad group of friends? These statements are so true, however we usually use them to absolve the person we are referring to, of responsibility, or of the prime blame for their behaviour! 

Everyone has a choice about whom they spend time with and allow to be an influence in their life! Loyalty is often misspent…I’m not suggesting that we all have to cut everyone off and never speak to them again; just be aware of those who you give power over your decisions. If a thought begins with, “What will Jill think of me if I do this?” Or, “Will Lee be ok with it if I go down that path?” – Perhaps you need to consider that those friends have too much of a hold on you… I have certainly been there!

I believe that in the vast majority of cases the people who will criticise you for making a decision and stepping forward into a new reality which is a positive one, are not the people any of us want to be surrounded by. If this makes up the majority of your inner sanctum, there is no surprise you will be struggling to move in a new and positive direction! And if this is blood relatives, it can be even more difficult to remove yourself from the gravity around you!

The people who criticise you are those who, were they to allow themselves to burrow into the deepest recesses of their mind for the truth of why they are critical, would be forced to admit that it comes from a place of jealousy!

When someone is moving forward with their life in a world which embraces competition into all aspects of life, people who are held in their comfort zone by fear will choose to be critical of those who reach for the stars (whatever that reality is for you). BECAUSE if you achieve they will look bad. Looking down the lens through which they see the world, you will be a winner which makes them a loser! They would rather you both be losers than for you to “get ahead”.

A Difficult Worthwhile Path

A woman enjoying her hike in beautiful and difficult terrain.

If the most powerful influencers in your life are blood relatives, it is extremely difficult to “rise above” when your family is pulling you down! Here are five steps to moving onward and upward:

1. Recognition – We must recognise an issue before we can do anything about it. 2. Decision – We must have conviction in our minds of our desire to change a condition.
3. Action – Then we must move with a plan, even if it’s a very basic one.
4. Follow through – The reason most plans fail is because we give up…if it is important enough to us we will continue to find a way.
5. Live in our new reality – Accept our new reality as “the way life is now”, embrace it and move forward in this change.

If there is a desire within you to live differently, and you have the right people around you then your new direction has potential to move you beyond your dreams! The wrong people will shut it down.

I have discovered that whatever you focus on will become your direction, if you are fuelled by negative minded people the effect will bring your focus down…and if those around you are inspired and in turn inspire you, your focus will be higher on positive and uplifting things. Easy concept to grasp cognitively, however can be extremely difficult to live out!

Something I have learned from a digital academy I have become a part of (An organisation which is dedicated to guide you on the path to your chosen online based business or career) is that anything which you aspire to begins in the mind and extends from there. I know that sounds very obvious, however I have realised that I never previously spent enough time on the mental aspect! Having your mindset right is everything!

The mental shift, is a constant reframe which we need to give our attention towards. There is no switch which once flicked gives us the correct focus forever! We need to stay attuned to signs of “falling back” into our old ways. This is another reason why having the right people around us is vital to living in a new reality!

There is nothing stopping you from shifting into your new reality…nothing! It is entirely up to you which way you will move. So where are you headed? Make a choice, and go!!! I would love to connect with you and encourage you along your path!

If you are ready to jump in and begin your new path right now, blow is the key. Included is amazing step by step training and an amazing global support community!


Do whatever is needed to live a live which moves beyond fear…

Business Through Purpose

Community – The Vital Ingredient of Life

Whether you are a total introvert or a life of the party extrovert, or somewhere in the middle; having a good community around you is a vital aspect of your life if you are striving to thrive! The almost hibernating introvert still needs a great community around them to help empower and inspire them to greater heights, and to in turn, pour themselves into.

Go back a few decades and you would find perhaps a more true definition of what a neighbourhood community looks like. This community of people who firstly actually know each other personally, which led to helping each other and supporting each other, as a natural part of life almost like breathing if you like. In rural areas of developing countries you can still find evidences of these strong communities!

What is “Community”?

Community is where people support and look out for each other, in effect treating each other as cherished family! Community is tribe mentality, where people look out for each other and care for each other in practical ways. The Living Oxford Dictionary states that community is, “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” <https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/community>

The above definition states that community is both location and ideal based or either of the two. This very much fits in with what community is to us now – very much a global reality as opposed to our immediate location. In fact I think how infrequently I catch up with my neighbours, and know many people who share my experience!

Due to the Internet and social media platforms and connections, the world is smaller…we are able to stay daily (and far more frequently if desired) in contact through video calls, messaging and of course the old standard of a phone call; and with minimal expense! I know so many people now who have their really close friends on the other side of the world, and they are able to remain updated with the intricate details of their lives!

Let’s Get Personal

What is community to you? Is it more about location and proximity? Or is the world your neighbourhood? Maybe something in between the two? The next thing to consider is, what does your ideal community look like? If you are already living in that reality, congratulations that is fantastic! If not, that’s ok too because the future can hold a positive light for you…actually, TODAY can hold a positive light for you – the change begins with mindset!

The ideal community for me is one which picks me up and one in which I help others to rise up… any place where people are lifted up, and taken to a positive space of support is a community which is going to thrive, and is a most beautiful thing to be involved in!

How is this achieved? Like mindedness is a good place to start, but it’s not enough, there has to be an agreed protocol which is believed in, and because people believe so much in it, they own up straight away if they step away from it. Easy to say but not easy to find for many of us!

It is an ideal certainly held by many church groups which I have been involved in, but seldom upheld… and I have been as guilty as anybody of lowering the standard! Now, I’m not in any way referring to perfection (whatever anyone’s view of that is), I’m talking about a support mentality which empowers people to grow and thrive, as opposed to feel harshly judged and put down!

When I have been involved in communities where this support mentality and reality is achieved, a big part of the reason is a strong goal which everyone is on board with achieving! When people are focused on achieving something significant together, there is less reason for them to lose focus on what matters which largely is supporting each other in a powerful and positive way!

The opposite is very often true… when there is no clear focus or goals the community breaks down.

You Are The Beginning

Excited woman holding a tablet

The beginnings of a beautiful community start within… if you and I choose to be people whom others want to be around because they feel supported and embraced – loved, then a gravity field will be created, and people will move towards us and know that they are safe within the community we have drawn them into.

It is quite remarkable how many people will cling to a community for years even though they continue to be abused by it! So how much more will people be willing to stay within a community which supports and builds them up!

I have become part of an amazing community which on the surface is a Digital Marketing Academy, however in actuality is a group of people who serve and build each other up, along with incredible mentoring on empowering and up skilling your mind and way of thinking! The product of the work of this community is a sea of people who are inspired and empowered to go and serve the greater community in which they choose to plant themselves!

If this is something which resonates and a spark has ignited within you, great – I would be most happy to connect more with you (add your details and “subscribe”) and find out where you are at and if I can help you moving forward! If you are not too inspired by the above thoughts and concepts, great – I am not at all interested in the “hard sell”, I am about helping people find their calling, and this is definitely not for everybody! I am learning to care more about what people/you need, rather than pour my agenda over everyone as though I have all the answers!

Community is something which I am convinced we all need…what type of community you need is something for you to figure out. I hope to catch up with you soon…be intentional about your life and be a giver!

Business Through Purpose

Work From Anywhere Dad

Many Father’s whom I have taken the opportunity to chat with have all without exception stated the same thing, that they would love to have more time to spend with family! And like myself, perhaps saw the possibility of making a career shift which would give them the opportunity of more time freedom and flexibility, as merely a pipe dream…something which lives in fantasy land…That is no longer my mindset and becoming reality!

Dad walking with his daughter

The Mind

The power of being entrenched in a historical perspective is all but J overwhelming for most of us! What our parents taught us verbally, and what we take in from what we see has an immense hold over how we perceive the world!

I know that my perspective on money and wealth was painted with an evil overtone through what my parents said, and how they related to money. Whether that was more perception than their true heart on the matter is irrelevant, that is how I received the message and there certainly was enough of a push towards that mindset for me to consume it! Clearly we weren’t well off financially!

Let me just say right now that I am not paying out on my parents, they loved us very much and conveyed that often through less material means – affirming words, time with us, affection…Their perception on finances was handed to them from their parents, which would have been handed from their parents, and so the cycle goes!

The mindset we have is almost absorbed from our environment! We are generally unaware of many perceptions or beliefs that we hold, unless they are challenged or we happen to be in a situation where the topic comes up and brings it to our focus.

So what would the possibilities be if we moved towards a perspective whereby we learned from the past and accepted our bright future as reality before it happened? A mental shift, a change of glasses through which we perceive the world?

I know that my future is bright and that good things will come my way…I don’t necessarily have a timeline on it though. Now this does not mean that difficult times will not come, it does however mean that my viewing position and stance has changed! For me this is about choosing to perceive the world through the eyes of my faith!

We each need to find our way home, so to speak…how you live is your choice. Nothing that happens to you can dictate how you perceive your reality, that is up to you! Will you choose to be defined by circumstances or will you choose to rise above?!

Mindset Focus

Relevant Focus

As has been mentioned in earlier posts, where you are looking is where you will end up. Your focus dictates your outcomes. If I look at a possible opportunity and say that it can’t be done or that only a “lucky few” can succeed; because I have imprinted those beliefs within myself, I have in effect prophesied over my future!

Our greatest limitations are those we impose on ourselves! Saying something is not possible without any attempt at trying is true failure…trying and failing is not failure, it is educating! There are some things which we can learn from the experience of others, while there are other situations which we need to go through to know for ourselves!

Albert Einstein stated, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.” Ideally we are able to reevaluate and refocus when something we attempt does not go as we had hoped!

The brain

Making The Shift
The same goes for changing the way you and I approach opportunity, which in essence is risk. While we do need to be diligent and be smart about changing direction with our focus in life and career, we still need to jump. Billy Joel stated in a TV interview that a true artist does not have a “back up” plan. A true artist sees life through the eyes of their passion…for them there is no other option but to be true to their calling!

That is the certainty with which you and I need to approach our focus, our goals, following our heart! The fact that you are reading this is evidence of the fact that there is something stirring within you to not just make some changes but to shift the direction of where you are going! Something just does not sit right deep within, and you sense that there has to be more to life than being a 9-5 machine!

There is a saying in basketball, “You won’t make any shots that you don’t take”. We have to take action to achieve results! Inaction therefore is an action, a choice not to place ourselves in a vulnerable place of uncertainty. To achieve a reward, you need to risk losing.

I am blessed to have joined an amazing community called the Digital Experts Academy! I began my time of learning and refocusing with them being guided by their sister company, Six Figure Mentors, and I cannot speak highly enough about the leaders and the other members! The support and positive encouragement is outstanding!

To give you a little snapshot of how I began with them, as has been written in previous posts, there had to be more than 9-5 with long commutes…a type of “prison” if you will.

After many years of looking into online opportunities, I found the SFM/DEA and was most inspired by their approach – straight up it’s not a get rich quick scheme, it is an approach which encourages, guides and inspires you to work on your mind and open yourself up to new possibilities and realities which can be achieved, then gives you the training, tools and mentorship to make it a reality, to become a digital marketer!

If you don’t come from a marketing background and aren’t too technically savvy, that is fine as there are so many approaches and trainings which allow you to learn and move into something which you are passionate about!

I have been encouraged and supported to adopt and own a new state of mind, which has and continues to be invaluable! Here is a link to check it out for yourself: https://thesixfigurementors.com/bc/you-are-in?id=ando74
If it’s not for you that’s great, as you have to be sure in your own mind and I am not the least bit interested in the “hard sell”! If it is for you, great…welcome to the crew!

If you find yourself resonating with what you are reading, subscribe to my group! I will endeavour to keep you “up” and inspired, and give you some relevant and great offers along the way, without bombarding you! I would love to have an opportunity to serve you and perhaps draw some inspiration from within yourself!

Stay inspired!

Business Through Purpose

Your Focus

There really are very few people who finish High School, knowing what they want to do for their career. We make a choice because we have to, but very seldom is it made with passion and certainty! Actually, I will take it further than just High School choices; I believe that many of us go through our lives following a pathway out of obligation or a sense of being locked in, often because of those High School and University choices!

It’s Time to Change!!!

I have begun to realise that the way life is does not have to remain “as it has always been”, or that I have to keep doing something otherwise the sky will fall…I want to do something because I love doing it…we are called to live a life following that which inspires, not that which grinds us into a life of essentially becoming a machine!

Many years ago I worked as a furniture builder/cabinet maker, and I had the good fortune to be building furniture, as opposed to working a machine…there were several people there who had worked many years on the same machine doing the same job, and the truth is they had started to look like the machine they were using! When you looked into their eyes, the light had gone…they almost looked soulless!

Good people doing what they believe they must just to get by, and you know there is honour in that commitment…there is much more to life though!!!

Step Out And Step Up

When we do something which tears us down or at the very least holds us back, I believe that we are capable, even called to make the shift in focus which will create the realigning of our lives into a direction which will inspire, empower and enable us to be a more true version of ourselves, “the real you”, if you will!

Often I encounter clients or acquaintances who tell me they don’t have time to exercise due to their family commitments and work etc. I believe that if you don’t look after your health, there is a likelihood that you won’t be around for your family! You will make time for that which really matters to you, and the same goes for that which you focus on.

Potential can be a dirty word, if we don’t realise ours! With focus can come something more than reaching our potential…you see the word itself puts a limitation on that which, or the person whom it is referring to! If we align our focus with our passion and strengths, and do not the cap the end results, we will go far beyond that which we would have set as our end goal!!!

Set Goals

Now just let me say here that I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t set goals, as that is a most important exercise in moving forward and achieving results…I am however saying that we shouldn’t put a limit on the end results!

The difference between those who achieve big things and live big lives and those who don’t, is focus and intent…it’s not freakish ability or absurd skills. If we look at for example financial wealth, the child of a wealthy family definitely has the advantage of being financially backed to start or continue a business venture, but anyone without the right focus or intent and skill which comes from being in the right head space, can bankrupt enormously successful businesses within a very short time!

Wealth does not guarantee continued wealth and success, however being shown the right skills and things to focus on…seeing how that looks through the example of their parents lives, gives the greatest advantage as opposed to being backed by cash, as nice as that idea sounds!

You have probably heard about people who started with $859:00 in their bank account who are now billionaires. They were focused and intentional, and determined…they did not accept the demise of their goals, even when it looked like all was lost!!!

Failure is final…when our plans crash and burn and we give up on the goal, then walk away. Very often, if we are a little more stubborn about sticking with our goals, and see failure more in the light of a lesson to learn rather than a purely negative occurrence, we are far more likely to have success in a long term sense!

Robert Kanaat talking about achieving goals states, “There are no huge secrets to success in life. Succeeding with your goals takes the simple application of consistent action, adjusting your approach when necessary, and not giving up.” <https://www.wanderlustworker.com/how-to-achieve-your-goals/>

There is two major keys in the above quote – 1. The goal itself must be important enough to inspire us to be consistent…putting in the intent, focus and work day after day! 2. Don’t give up! If the reason why you are striving towards your goal is powerful enough, this will keep you inspired on the bad days.

Digital Life

Deciding to pursue the “digital lifestyle” was a decision that I made, because I wanted to spend more time with my wife and daughter, and wanted to have more time and location freedom. I also wanted to do something through which I could serve others in a meaningful way, while earning money.

My career path has been Sports/Remedial Massage which is definitely a way to serve people, however it requires long commutes and is a way of exchanging time for money, as are most career paths. I want some more leverage in my future and see SFM/DEA as a way to achieve that.

Click here –



-to find out more about one of the great communities you will find! The members are so positive, amazing and inspiring, and so willing to offer help!!

Zone in on why you desire to change or refocus, and once you discover your true “why”, this will give you the impetus to take action…it certainly did for me!!

So go and be an amazing and passionate person with the goal of empowering and serving others and you will experience the fire and drive and joy of a person living their calling!!! With the limits off, you can achieve what at this time would seem impossible!!!

Business Through Purpose

The Way to a Mans Heart

There is an old saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. There are other versions which tend to aim a little lower…however I believe that they are all wrong! The way to a man’s heart, is to care. Why just leave it with men – the way to a person’s heart, is to care!

When a man (or a woman) knows that they are appreciated and supported that goes a long way towards inspiring them to reach higher! Showing that you care, and actually caring (as opposed to fake it until you make it!) is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to build a person up!

Have you ever had someone ask how you are and then answer their own question before you have had a chance to respond? “How are you going? Good!?” Doesn’t really leave room for, “actually my Grandmother passed away this morning”! Caring is asking and waiting for the answer because you are genuinely interested in the person.

There is power in intention, so if we intentionally look to build others up it really can begin to change our focus in a positive way, quite quickly! It doesn’t take long to tear someone down, but it often does take a long time to build someone up!

Four Close Friends

People Above Position

The vast majority of people I know as well as the research that I have done on the subject, shows that job satisfaction is at LEAST as much about the people you work with as it is about the job itself! If people do not get along with those with whom they work or have an overbearing boss who micro manages them, love for their work itself will not compensate for the stress from bad working relationships.

I had a job at one time cleaning windows…clearly not the most glamorous job, but I got along really well with my work partner which made ALL the difference! The people make the position, not the other way around!

Have you found yourself wishing to get off the 9-5 work week grind to do something which you are inspired about and which gives you more flexibility? You have come to the right place!

Here are five key points to starting a dream:

  1. It all begins with a thought.
  2. For the thought to take flight there needs to be belief that the thought, the dream can become reality.
  3. Then there needs to be planning.
  4. There must be absolute commitment!
  5. Learn and refine your chosen craft – do courses, advice, read, listen to relevant podcasts, attend Webinars and workshops.

Essentially the above becomes a rinse and repeat cycle. The number one point is by far the most important element – the mind…the mindset! Actually I would go as far as to say that when we focus on our mindset, and continue to pursue the building of our minds in a positive light, the other five points become a byproduct!

I’ve found that if we strive towards being the kind of person whom we would love to be a close friend of ours, then we are able to begin to embrace the vital elements which are able to release our creative self. Then we are able to live out our lives in such a way which is empowering and fulfilling, allowing us to express ourselves through embracing and empowering others to follow their path…

Parkour Aerialist

Look Where You Intend to Go

“By be holding we are changed” (my paraphrase) is a phrase from the Paul’s writings in the Bible which talks about looking at God (2 Corinthians 3:18). Whether or not you believe in a heavenly God or not, this phrase applies completely to the direction of our lives!

The people we allow to influence us, the books we read, what we choose to watch, podcasts we listen to…everything whether negative and bringing us down, or uplifting, full of love, positive and purposeful, will drive the direction of our life!

I am convinced that there is no greater calling on our lives than to be people who live with passion and purpose, following the dreams of our calling! From this space we are free to effect those around us, to “serve” people through empowering them by who we are, and then connect with them from a higher plain of the essence of why they are who they are!

Love is Key

What is love if not serving another? Love isn’t a word or a phrase you speak to someone, it’s what you do! How can we empower other’s with words if we are not first empowering them with actions? Love is an action!

The way to a man’s, and woman’s heart is through being a person who draws them in and inspires them to reach higher! A person who allows someone to be vulnerable without feeling vulnerable is someone who we all want to spend a lot of time with, and a person who will inspire us continually!

Entrepreneur's Office


So back to escaping the 9-5 by becoming an digital entrepreneur…I believe, no, I know you can do it; if YOU want to!!! Taking the above steps is where to begin…focus and stay focused on where you want to go, and guess what, that’s where you will begin to go!!! Of course it’s not easy, if it was everyone would do it!

I have seen the change in my own life and the lives of many other’s, who just simply choose not to accept their/my current circumstances as being, “the way things are”, and move towards change!

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It’s time for your life to launch into a new and exciting beginning!!!

Business Through Purpose

The Power of Giving

The most incredible opportunity we are blessed with in life, is the chance to be generous! When we are able to give and consider others, to serve and build them up through our gifts…we can cause a shift in another person’s life!

If you have ever seen the movie, “The Butterfly Effect” (slight spoiler alert if you haven’t) you would have seen presented in a rather over the top manner, how a small change on one side of the world caused a massive catastrophe on the other side of the world. A butterfly flutters off a flower in Cape Town South Africa which causes a Tsunami in Koi Samui Thailand etc.

Butterfly on a flower

Kind Acts

The point I am building to, is that unexpected kindness often brings about a mental reframe in the person who receives the gift, which in turn inspires and empowers them to reach out and pass on to others their heart to give.

The writer of the book of Acts in the Bible declares the heart of Jesus when he states, …”it is more blessed to give than receive.” Acts 20:35 NIV. Whatever your background is and whatever your beliefs are, giving and generosity are an ancient way of life encouraged in society where any decent morality was upheld!

An ancient Chinese saying from over 2000 years ago states, “To help those who are suffering difficulties and to have sympathy for our neighbours, this is following the Dao. Those who follow the Dao will be blessed.” https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-spirit-of-giving-and-charity-in-ancient-china_1923990.html

Hit Out or Live With Kindness?

So often my first response when someone does something harsh and hurtful to me, is to “hit” back harder than they have hit me…however this is why many ancient feuds and wars are still raging! The way forward is to love, give and be kind…very easy to say and often very difficult to do, but the most inspiring people that you will ever hear about aren’t those who are the best at serving up brutal revenge, rather it is those who in the face of pain, return serve with generosity and love!

If you haven’t seen the movie, Hacksaw Ridge, do yourself a favour…it illustrates the power of love, commitment to a cause, and sacrificial unrelenting giving of oneself for the lives of others! There is a book which shares the story too!

Give Until it Hurts – Then be Blessed!

Giving of yourself, to the point of the removal of your comfort zone will impact you powerfully! In an earlier Blog Post I spoke about the privilege of serving a school and community in rural Nepal…it continues to impact me in a powerful way!

I can say from experience (perhaps experiences too few and too far between, unfortunately!) that when I have given to the point of putting myself in an uncomfortable situation, the benefits I have received seem to be more than the benefits I have the privilege of giving to others…it is bizarre and doesn’t seem right, but it is just the way it seems to work! I have no doubt many of you have also experienced this!

My amazing wife took our young daughter last week to give out some boxes of chocolates to some random strangers, to teach her that it is better to give than to receive! They both had a blast and came home with those beautiful warm fuzzy feelings after!

It is something that I have pondered on for many years, the concept of giving and being generous even in the face of greed and selfishness. To break the cycle of a take all I want and screw everyone else society…become generous!

Sounds simple right? Simple in theory, but it takes the recognition of more than a lifetime of attitudes and habits (passed down from our parents etc) which were not even necessarily spoken aloud but were lived out loudly…and then we need to be strongly committed to this cause! It takes a monumental shift in focus and even motivation!

Focus on What Matters

Wealth – Good or Bad?

Let me make something clear; I am not suggesting that everyone needs to sell up all their possessions and plant a garden while living in a cave! Wealth is a good thing, in the right hands…generous hands! Sharing is something many of us were also taught as children, but perhaps many of us let that fall away as we acquired more.

In fact I think in generous hands, the more wealth the better! I desire to be a good steward of all which passes through my hands…I want what I am able to give to be used for the benefit of others…Earn as much as you can, and give as much as you can, is my philosophy!

I have found that to give in a consistent ongoing fashion, I have to be strategic about it. Believing that helping a cause is a good idea is not enough to continually trigger me to give to causes I believe in…whether we are talking about time, money or possessions – items which I own that are good but no longer needed for myself.


Anthony Robbins states, “Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”. (http://thewealthchef.com/the-power-of-giving-the-secret-of-an-abundant-life/)


So because we are blessed with this gift of life, we are empowered with the responsibility of becoming something more. This yells “freedom” to me…the negative thoughts that plague us, the negative people whom we allow to influence us, the foolish ‘I’m not good enough’ belief which pervades the thinking of so many of us, is the biggest load of trash and it’s only useful to throw over our left shoulder and never look back!

Step into your life! Choose to be shaped by love, beauty, joy, giving and focus! I certainly haven’t “arrived” on this path I’ve chosen, however I am excited by what is happening in my life and what is to come!!!

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Love the life you live as you give through the way you live!!!

Business Through Purpose

Loving Your Path

The most beautiful scenes in the world usually involve mountains; often water and as well, but there is something incredibly majestic about a beautiful mountain! What an amazing privilege we have to be able to scale mountain peaks – enjoying the path along the way and being astounded by the view from the top!

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about scaling Everest, it may just be a small mountain but the reward is still significant! That experience of enjoying the journey while at the same time keeping in the back of your mind the enjoyment of taking in the view from the top…it really is a metaphor for life!

If your life is about the destination, your life is going to suck! It’s really important to stop trying to portray that Instagram life – show the best, chuck out the rest. Let’s breathe in each moment and breathe out appreciation.

I know life gets tough and quite brutal at times…what can you learn from the hard times? Ultimately those very tough times can shape you into someone who is even more special because of your experiences which empower you with the ability to empathise!

Where Are You Looking?

Think about what your ultimate picture of life looks like, you know that dream you have of the place where and when you feel you will have ‘arrived’. Two questions come from that dream:
Do you believe it is achievable? (Which will determine whether or not you are really pursuing your dream)
Are you too busy chasing your dream to embrace the moments of your life?

Look towards where you want to go, and chase your dreams…and stay in the moments as they happen! It is equally important as the destination, perhaps more important to find joy and contentment in what you do every day…so why not do something you enjoy?! How you may well ask? I might just have a solution for you…it’s not for everyone, but it just might open your mind to what could be!

What would your ideal day look like? I mean an average ideal day, not when you are on holidays, an ideal work day…No alarm, maybe a run on the beach or walk or ride…breakfast with your family around the dining table? Then diving into work on your own business, a business which you are inspired about?! A business which allows flexibility to fit around the things which you don’t want to miss – lunch with your partner and friends – kids sporting events etc…

Love Your Life

Allow Your Perception to Change

Sound too good to be true? What if it wasn’t, what if the only reason you can’t have this balanced lifestyle, is that you don’t believe that you can?! Change your thinking and change your life! That may sound overly simple, but that’s the truth of where it begins.

It is easy to get excited about doing something you are passionate about! For me one thing I love is hiking up mountains! I don’t have to psych myself up with a whole lot of mental exercises to get me to the place where I can bring myself to attempt a climb…if it’s there, I’m going up!

What is it that you are passionate about? What could you do everyday that would empower you to get up looking forward to your day!? What is something you could talk about all day and still be excited about? Do what that which inspires you!

This has become my standard operating procedure for life, no longer accepting that things are the way they are and they will stay that way! When I believed that, it was true purely because I didn’t even attempt to change anything!

My brother went to University as a mature age student, and I recall a conversation I had with a guy he used to have business dealings with, about how my brother was mad for going back to study! My brother simply stated that in four years the guy would be still in the same dead end job that he hated, and that he (my brother) would be doing something he is passionate about and loving it! (Which continues to be the case)

Hiking Trail
Enjoy Your Path

Shift Your Life up…Now!

It doesn’t take as long as you may think to make a major shift in your life…commit to it and keep progressing through speed bumps. Stay the course, and keep striving towards the change…if the reason is big enough, it will keep you on track!

Forge your path, start your own business, become an Affiliate Marketer or an Amazon seller…whatever you do, there is no need to settle for just existing! Serve others through what you do, and live a life of meaning!!!