Fear – The Paralysis of Progress

Fear is the enemy of progress. Fear is the thing which stops you from doing that which you are called to do! Fear is the thing that has you focused on your potential failure rather than your potential success.

When you see perceived failure as a learning process as opposed to a total negative experience, it can begin to give you power over fear. Your perception of that which may become is shifted into a frame of positive focus which then allows you to live in a new reality! 

Begin to turn it around… How is that achieved? It begins with focusing on changing your mindset! Seeing possibilities rather than blockages, seeing new avenues rather than the dead end in front of you. Believing in your value and the gifts YOU have to serve others with! Even when you don’t see a way forward, continue walking in belief that it will appear at the moment you need it…keep walking in faith…

People of Influence

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People have an enormous influence on you, even if you aren’t aware of it! The people whom you surround yourself with are the key to the mindset shift spoken of previously. I heard a young Pastor share a principle which applies to all regardless of your beliefs, “Show me your five closest friends and I’ll show you your future”. Those who we let into our inner sanctum are the ones who we allow to be powerful influences on our lives!

How often have you heard or perhaps even used the saying, she got in with the wrong crowd, or he is in with a bad group of friends? These statements are so true, however we usually use them to absolve the person we are referring to, of responsibility, or of the prime blame for their behaviour! 

Everyone has a choice about whom they spend time with and allow to be an influence in their life! Loyalty is often misspent…I’m not suggesting that we all have to cut everyone off and never speak to them again; just be aware of those who you give power over your decisions. If a thought begins with, “What will Jill think of me if I do this?” Or, “Will Lee be ok with it if I go down that path?” – Perhaps you need to consider that those friends have too much of a hold on you…I have certainly been there!

I believe that in the vast majority of cases the people who will criticise you for making a decision and stepping forward into a new reality which is a positive one, are not the people any us want to be surrounded by. If this makes up the majority of your inner sanctum, there is no surprise you will be struggling to move in a new and positive direction! And if this is blood relatives, it can be even more difficult to remove yourself from the gravity around you!

The people who criticise you are those who, were they to allow themselves to burrow into the deepest recesses of their mind for the truth of why they are critical, they would be forced to admit that it comes from a place of jealousy! When someone is moving forward with their life in a world which embraces competition into all aspects of life, people who are held in their comfort zone by fear will choose to be critical of those who reach for the stars (whatever that reality is for you). BECAUSE if you achieve they will look bad…essentially through the lens through which they see the world, you will be a winner which makes them a loser! They would rather you both be losers than for you to “get ahead”.

A Difficult Worthwhile Path

A woman enjoying her hike in beautiful and difficult terrain.

If the most powerful influences in your life are blood relatives, it is extremely difficult to “rise above” when your family is pulling you down! Here are five steps to moving onward and upward:

1. Recognition – We must recognise an issue before we can do anything about it. 2. Decision – We must have conviction in our minds of our desire to change a condition.
3. Action – Then we must move with a plan, even if it’s a very basic one.
4. Follow through – The reason most plans fail is because we give up…if it is important enough to us we will continue to find a way.
5. Live in our new reality – Accept our new reality as “the way life is now”, embrace it and move forward in this change.

If there is a desire within you to live differently, and you have the right people around you then your new direction has potential to move you beyond your dreams! The wrong people will shut it down. Whatever you focus on will become your direction, if you are fuelled by negative minded people the effect will bring your focus down…and if those around you are inspired and in turn inspire you, your focus will be higher on positive and uplifting things. Easy concept to grasp cognitively, however can be extremely difficult to live out!

Something I have learned from Digital Experts Academy (An organisation which is dedicated to guide you on the path to your chosen online based business or career) is that anything which you aspire to begins in the mind and extends from there. I know that sounds very obvious, however I have realised that I never previously spent enough time on the mental aspect! Having your mindset right is everything!

The mental shift, is a constant reframe which we need to give our attention towards. There is no switch which once flicked gives us the correct focus forever! We need to stay attuned to signs of “falling back” into our old ways. This is another reason why having the right people around us is vital to living in a new reality!

There is nothing stopping you from shifting into your new reality…nothing! It is entirely up to you which way you will move. So where are you headed? Make a choice, and go!!! I would love to connect with you and encourage you along your path…contact me below, subscribe and feel free to check out the video series (Inspiration for your new life). Do whatever is needed to live a live which moves beyond fear…

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