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The Power of Giving

The most incredible opportunity we are blessed with in life, is the chance to be generous! When we are able to give and consider others, to serve and build them up through our gifts…we can cause a shift in another person’s life!

If you have ever seen the movie, “The Butterfly Effect” (slight spoiler alert if you haven’t) you would have seen presented in a rather over the top manner, how a small change on one side of the world caused a massive catastrophe on the other side of the world. A butterfly flutters off a flower in Cape Town South Africa which causes a Tsunami in Koi Samui Thailand etc.

Butterfly on a flower

Kind Acts

The point I am building to, is that unexpected kindness often brings about a mental reframe in the person who receives the gift, which in turn inspires and empowers them to reach out and pass on to others their heart to give.

The writer of the book of Acts in the Bible declares the heart of Jesus when he states, …”it is more blessed to give than receive.” Acts 20:35 NIV. Whatever your background is and whatever your beliefs are, giving and generosity are an ancient way of life encouraged in society where any decent morality was upheld!

An ancient Chinese saying from over 2000 years ago states, “To help those who are suffering difficulties and to have sympathy for our neighbours, this is following the Dao. Those who follow the Dao will be blessed.” https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-spirit-of-giving-and-charity-in-ancient-china_1923990.html

Hit Out or Live With Kindness?

So often my first response when someone does something harsh and hurtful to me, is to “hit” back harder than they have hit me…however this is why many ancient feuds and wars are still raging! The way forward is to love, give and be kind…very easy to say and often very difficult to do, but the most inspiring people that you will ever hear about aren’t those who are the best at serving up brutal revenge, rather it is those who in the face of pain, return serve with generosity and love!

If you haven’t seen the movie, Hacksaw Ridge, do yourself a favour…it illustrates the power of love, commitment to a cause, and sacrificial unrelenting giving of oneself for the lives of others! There is a book which shares the story too!

Give Until it Hurts – Then be Blessed!

Giving of yourself, to the point of the removal of your comfort zone will impact you powerfully! In an earlier Blog Post I spoke about the privilege of serving a school and community in rural Nepal…it continues to impact me in a powerful way!

I can say from experience (perhaps experiences too few and too far between, unfortunately!) that when I have given to the point of putting myself in an uncomfortable situation, the benefits I have received seem to be more than the benefits I have the privilege of giving to others…it is bizarre and doesn’t seem right, but it is just the way it seems to work! I have no doubt many of you have also experienced this!

My amazing wife took our young daughter last week to give out some boxes of chocolates to some random strangers, to teach her that it is better to give than to receive! They both had a blast and came home with those beautiful warm fuzzy feelings after!

It is something that I have pondered on for many years, the concept of giving and being generous even in the face of greed and selfishness. To break the cycle of a take all I want and screw everyone else society…become generous!

Sounds simple right? Simple in theory, but it takes the recognition of more than a lifetime of attitudes and habits (passed down from our parents etc) which were not even necessarily spoken aloud but were lived out loudly…and then we need to be strongly committed to this cause! It takes a monumental shift in focus and even motivation!

Focus on What Matters

Wealth – Good or Bad?

Let me make something clear; I am not suggesting that everyone needs to sell up all their possessions and plant a garden while living in a cave! Wealth is a good thing, in the right hands…generous hands! Sharing is something many of us were also taught as children, but perhaps many of us let that fall away as we acquired more.

In fact I think in generous hands, the more wealth the better! I desire to be a good steward of all which passes through my hands…I want what I am able to give to be used for the benefit of others…Earn as much as you can, and give as much as you can, is my philosophy!

I have found that to give in a consistent ongoing fashion, I have to be strategic about it. Believing that helping a cause is a good idea is not enough to continually trigger me to give to causes I believe in…whether we are talking about time, money or possessions – items which I own that are good but no longer needed for myself.


Anthony Robbins states, “Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more”. (http://thewealthchef.com/the-power-of-giving-the-secret-of-an-abundant-life/)


So because we are blessed with this gift of life, we are empowered with the responsibility of becoming something more. This yells “freedom” to me…the negative thoughts that plague us, the negative people whom we allow to influence us, the foolish ‘I’m not good enough’ belief which pervades the thinking of so many of us, is the biggest load of trash and it’s only useful to throw over our left shoulder and never look back!

Step into your life! Choose to be shaped by love, beauty, joy, giving and focus! I certainly haven’t “arrived” on this path I’ve chosen, however I am excited by what is happening in my life and what is to come!!!

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Love the life you live as you give through the way you live!!!

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Hey, I found your past posts excellent, but the last few have been kinda boring?..I miss the approach you took previously! Come on, I’m hanging out for more great info from you!

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