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Loving Your Path

The most beautiful scenes in the world usually involve mountains; often water and as well, but there is something incredibly majestic about a beautiful mountain! What an amazing privilege we have to be able to scale mountain peaks – enjoying the path along the way and being astounded by the view from the top!

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about scaling Everest, it may just be a small mountain but the reward is still significant! That experience of enjoying the journey while at the same time keeping in the back of your mind the enjoyment of taking in the view from the top…it really is a metaphor for life!

If your life is about the destination, your life is going to suck! It’s really important to stop trying to portray that Instagram life – show the best, chuck out the rest. Let’s breathe in each moment and breathe out appreciation.

I know life gets tough and quite brutal at times…what can you learn from the hard times? Ultimately those very tough times can shape you into someone who is even more special because of your experiences which empower you with the ability to empathise!

Where Are You Looking?

Think about what your ultimate picture of life looks like, you know that dream you have of the place where and when you feel you will have ‘arrived’. Two questions come from that dream:
Do you believe it is achievable? (Which will determine whether or not you are really pursuing your dream)
Are you too busy chasing your dream to embrace the moments of your life?

Look towards where you want to go, and chase your dreams…and stay in the moments as they happen! It is equally important as the destination, perhaps more important to find joy and contentment in what you do every day…so why not do something you enjoy?! How you may well ask? I might just have a solution for you…it’s not for everyone, but it just might open your mind to what could be!

What would your ideal day look like? I mean an average ideal day, not when you are on holidays, an ideal work day…No alarm, maybe a run on the beach or walk or ride…breakfast with your family around the dining table? Then diving into work on your own business, a business which you are inspired about?! A business which allows flexibility to fit around the things which you don’t want to miss – lunch with your partner and friends – kids sporting events etc…

Love Your Life

Allow Your Perception to Change

Sound too good to be true? What if it wasn’t, what if the only reason you can’t have this balanced lifestyle, is that you don’t believe that you can?! Change your thinking and change your life! That may sound overly simple, but that’s the truth of where it begins.

It is easy to get excited about doing something you are passionate about! For me one thing I love is hiking up mountains! I don’t have to psych myself up with a whole lot of mental exercises to get me to the place where I can bring myself to attempt a climb…if it’s there, I’m going up!

What is it that you are passionate about? What could you do everyday that would empower you to get up looking forward to your day!? What is something you could talk about all day and still be excited about? Do what that which inspires you!

This has become my standard operating procedure for life, no longer accepting that things are the way they are and they will stay that way! When I believed that, it was true purely because I didn’t even attempt to change anything!

My brother went to University as a mature age student, and I recall a conversation I had with a guy he used to have business dealings with, about how my brother was mad for going back to study! My brother simply stated that in four years the guy would be still in the same dead end job that he hated, and that he (my brother) would be doing something he is passionate about and loving it! (Which continues to be the case)

Hiking Trail
Enjoy Your Path

Shift Your Life up…Now!

It doesn’t take as long as you may think to make a major shift in your life…commit to it and keep progressing through speed bumps. Stay the course, and keep striving towards the change…if the reason is big enough, it will keep you on track!

Forge your path, start your own business, become an Affiliate Marketer or an Amazon seller…whatever you do, there is no need to settle for just existing! Serve others through what you do, and live a life of meaning!!!

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