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Live to Serve – Serve to Live


One of the greatest and most important acts we can do, in fact the reason we are here is to serve! Satisfaction in life is derived from serving…if like myself you are a believer in God then our life is to be lived out in service to Him. The interesting fact is that whatever your beliefs are, the way we all show our service is through the pouring out of ourselves on behalf of others.

The truth regarding myself is that I have and still struggle with being a completely selfish *#*;:#*+*! I need rescuing from that self indulgent path and am convinced that living to serve and serving to really live, is the direction my life needs to take! So if you are like me or nothing like me, but wish to embark on this path – let’s dive in!

What Does Service Look Like?

Service often conjures up images of people delivering food, or a project where fresh water is made available in a developing country; and in some countries it is a vocation – perhaps a social standing.

All of the above is true, however that does not cover the essence of what serving others is about. The Dictionary definition “(noun), the act, manner, or right of serving”…<dictionary.com>

The “right of serving”, gives the term the feel of it being a privilege, rather than a forced labour scenario!

Empower Yourself to Empower Others

We all are given the opportunity to partake in the privilege of serving, what an incredible thought! Let me expand on this. Serving another person puts my head and heart into a space where I can empower that person to lift up their perspective and live in a headspace where they can empower another person to live in a headspace where…The flow on is beyond measure!

If you and I are living in such a way that is looking out for others, we begin to change the world, one person at a time! Even if you are in a position to connect with many people at once, generally the most powerful connections you will make, are to those who are closest to you, those you actually spend time with!

Living in such a way that serves others, I believe is best when it begins at home…If you are loving and serving your partner/family this is the platform for greatness! I believe that if you commit and do this well which in essence means because you want to, you are on a great path to be able to serve others outside of your home with great effect!

The privilege of serving others is filled with everyday opportunities to sow into the lives of people around us, to be a light in their day. Often it can be the smallest things which make a big difference!

Be Present

In an age of incredible options for communication, the in person option has become even more important than ever! Be present in your interactions…one of the saddest things I see all too often, is a family or a group of friends eating out at a restaurant and all of them on their phones! When you are with someone, be mentally tuned in to them! This will show them that you are genuinely interested in them and will reveal your heart of service. This is a work in progress for me…I am determined to continue to learn the gift of truly being present!

You know, it occurs to me that serving people begins with a focus, an intention; and out of our intentions and focus comes behaviour and practical methods of delivering on our focus and intentions. Patterns of behaviour are formed over long periods of time, so it really does take an intentional decision to shift those patterns!

To have the conviction to follow through on a desire to live a life of service, you and I really need to have a powerful reason to change our focus and live with new eyes. After all, change for good is the only reason to change at all! And because you are reading this post, I am sure that you are interested in this great cause of being one who serves their community!

Serving is our greatest privilege and I am very keen to see where it is taking me! I hope that you have at the very least been provoked to think over your life’s direction, or quite possibly you are much further down the road of service to others than myself!

Where it Began

The inspiration which initiated me into this path of empowering others through service was a series of videos by one of my Mentors…they opened my eyes to possibilities and pathways, which I thought had become cut off from me! If that piques your interest, use the link below and have these free on demand webinars delivered to your inbox and check it out for yourself!


I just want to leave you with this…

5 Ways to Serve

  1. Ask people if you can help them and really mean it.
  2. Encourage people in a manner which builds them up!
  3. Look for ways to assist people without them asking for your help.
  4. Willingly go above and beyond in when someone asks for your assistance.
  5. Intentionally spend time focusing on being in a state which looks out for others.

Be inspired as you inspire!

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