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The question that every toddler and young child asks, “why?” And it is the same question that many of us continue to ask throughout our lives. Why do we do what we do? Why do we accept that things are the way they are and we can’t change it? Why are we here? Why do I not change my path, or even forge a new one?

Contemplating these questions over the last eight years in regards to what I do for work and how it constrains my flexibility, and how I hate the “time prison” my career sits in…I have been looking for a way out, a way forward into pathway with a genuine flexibility along with being inspiring and able to serve others!

Many schemes and so called get rich business opportunities have passed before my eyes. I even invested in two of them, one not so reputable and one more so but not a great fit for me.

I went quiet on the idea of an online opportunity for several years…until recently. I watched a video advertisement featuring Stuart Ross of Digital Experts Academy and Six Figure Mentors, and it resonated and continues to resonate deeply within me! It was about a business and life opportunity, and straight out it was stated that if you were looking for a get rich quick scheme to move on now, and that really caught my attention!

If you had asked me seven or eight years ago why I was looking for an online business opportunity, I would have told you that it was for the money and the time flexibility, which are legitimate reasons! Now what I am looking for is to combine passion and purpose into something which I do to serve others.

The reason why for me, starts with the Divine calling on my life to have a positive effect on people…and this begins at home – I hate missing out on so much with my wife and daughter, and it is my focus to find a way to be time flexible which allows me the opportunity to share in the special family moments of life!


The only thing stopping you and I from achieving something special in regards to a passion which turns into what we do, is our mind…if we think we can’t, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. All good things begin with a focused mind and a consistency in applying yourself to the task, and a decision to not give up!

Refuse to accept that where you sense a calling/your purpose/your passion – is not possible! Do not allow yourself to be the one reason you are unable to achieve the space in which you are free to live your life as an expression of inspiration!

Motivational Inscription About Positive Thinking

From “Why?” to, “Why Not?”

As soon as we remove the barriers from our minds and open them up to great possibilities and potential, the prison door is gone, the bars are gone…ultimately there was no prison! Let your imagination fly and dream again.

Why not pursue that thing which looked like an amazing day dream which you thought could never become reality! Do the work, do the research, stay focused, keep reading and learning and being consistent. Allow yourself to be extraordinary and follow your passions into a future that you are excited about!

Daniel Dowling, writer and coach gives a great starting place in his article which appears in Thrive Global and was originally in entrepreneur.com: “People who set themselves to changing the world and making the most of their talents are not different than you — they just cancel ordinary thoughts. Extraordinary living starts with a simple shift in mindset.” https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/28660-how-ordinary-people-become-extraordinary – Focus on the extraordinary to leave the ordinary behind!

Make a Plan

Look Towards The Place You Want To Be

Plan and continue to plan to focus on higher thoughts! Allow yourself to dream while dismissing that little voice which tells you that you aren’t good enough! Focusing on good things while pursuing great thoughts, allows a shift in direction which if continued becomes a habit, which then becomes a lifestyle. So instead of asking, Why can’t I get out of this hole I’ve fallen into? Instead ask, Why shouldn’t I be extraordinary? You go where you are pointing!

The most beautiful and powerful stories I come across from reading or directly from people I meet, are stories of overcoming adversity! It is never that guy who has inherited a long line of wealthy family members who is telling you what you need to do to be successful who is inspiring…it is always the person who grew up with little and survived tough relationships yet came through all of that and has this amazing, genuine smile on their face and has success. I am not referring to finance in this instance, because that doesn’t create that warm genuine smile, I’m talking about the fact that they have positioned themselves with a positive mindset and this has allowed them to be successful in life despite circumstances!

My Higher Purpose

A big part of the reason I am on this path of sharing blog posts and videos which talk about reframing your mind and giving yourself permission to step past your “safe zone”, is because of how my eyes have been opened to the possibilities for living life…the constraints and barriers of the mind are what limits me, and I’m seeing them removed one by one! If this was easy everyone would follow this path of unleashing their potential! The steps are simple, yet far from easy!

As a person of faith in a Higher Power, I believe that we are put on this earth to live big lives! That means being inspired and empowered to do and be who you are meant to be! Which for many does not necessarily mean a huge change in circumstances, relationships, location or work, it simply means a shift from the negative dark sided focus, to the positive light side…the way you and I view the world changes how we live in it!

Hold Your Form And Don’t Give Up

I recall a PT I used to train with who would stand beside me towards the end of a particularly difficult exercise, and as I was battling to complete that last extension of my arm he would quietly say, “Hold your form, hold your form, and don’t give up, don’t give up.” That was enough for me to complete the exercise well, he kept me focused and instilled enough belief in myself to complete what I had previously had serious doubts about!

A great lesson for all of us in our focus and our delivery of how we live out our lives! When you follow a passion and sense a calling on your life which you know you are meant to pursue, remember in the tough moments which will inevitably come, to hold your form and don’t give up!

Be who you are meant to be, whether that means a huge shift in location, who you surround yourself with, and/or what you do for a career! And it may very well mean in your situation, to just find a space of contentment! And this may include do things which make you happy on a regular basis. (See my Blog entitled, “Your Happy Place” for more tips on this) Please enter your details in the “Inspiration For Your New Life” form or subscribe to receive the inspiring 7 part video series which inspired the shift of focus in my life! Be blessed, and be a blessing!


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Thanks for this inspirational post! Once we find ourselves in that place of knowing that our purpose is bigger than the way we`ve been living, the real journey begins. The drive to fulfill true purpose is a strong force. It takes courage and a big vision to keep forging ahead into newer and broader realizations in the face of fear and uncertainty. I wish you great success on the journey.

Great post Andrew, thank you. I totally agree with your view on achieving goals,; not especially financially. I’ve learnt that success is becoming who you want to be. It would be beautiful when more people became aware of that. Instead of striving and struggling make the switch to thriving. And don’t look too far away. Everything we need to get where we want to be, is often right in front of us.

Thank you, Ruud! May your life continue to be filled with contentment and joy!

Stay in touch!

Thank you Andy. I love the fact that you pointed at the fact that the children always ask “Why” about everything. When you are in the middle of it every day ( or every minute, LOL) you can maybe be annoyed of the repeated question, but now when my children are older, I just smile at the memories of 1 million “Why-questions”. Actually, now I think it’s a brilliant question! Our children follow their good vibrations so much better than the adults, and they are so eager to learn more with a positive attitude. It’s time to stop thinking of Why as a negative question. Let’s ask like the children again, Why with a big positive curiosity. Thank you.

Love your obvious open minded curiosity and enthusiasm, Erika! I totally agree…we need more childlike wonder!!!

Thank you Andy, i agree with you when you said on the Blockage part of this post, I been there and I know about procastinating, We stop our own self for getting up and achieving your own personal goal, and the funny thing about procastinating is we do it to our self, and until we realize that we stopping our own self-growth, we gonna be staying on that mental blockage.

So thank you for the reminder that we all should empty our mind with negative thoughts and fill them with a positive one to achieve a sense of joy and happiness

There is a subscribe button on the homepage of the website, so just enter your details there! Thank you!

How timely coming across this post with this topic – the big questions of `why` and `why not`! Not only am I investigating it myself with my own writings, but also catch myself asking others those very questions…our Why is so crucial to the direction we choose in life, regardless of the time it takes, or when it happens…always great to read a personal take on a topic like this.

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